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To start, we’ll bypass me being late posting this week and go straight to the good news.  Pray Predator has now been posted.  [Move eyes to the right side of the screen]  I hope you like it.  As always, comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  In addition to that, you can also check out my review of Inglorious Basterds over on   To say I like Inglorious is an understatement.  I can’t wait to see it again. 

As for Pray Predator—as I’ve stated previously, writing a thriller is rather new to me.  Rather meaning completely.  It’s not something I’m used to.  Not sure if I can get used to it.  The pacing is so difficult.  I will definitely do it again sometime in the near future.  So, what’s next?  Well, I’ve set a few goals for myself, and postponed a great deal of things; at least for the time being.  I said earlier that I want to get my parts of 117 Days In Hell done before the end of the year.  My parts being four of the 8-9 stories.  Since these are short stories I’ll treat them like short stories, as dictated by Edgar Allen Poe.  Poe said a short story is one that can be read in one sitting.  I try to stick with that philosophy.  Honestly, who is to argue with the man?  He brought us so much in the way of writing and genres.  117 is a series of stories set within a global event that are, and in some cases are not, directly linked.  One of the stories, Long Way Down, is a psycho-drama.  It should be really interesting as it goes along.  Oh, and Ash, you were right I did already have a title for them.  I can’t remember the other one right now.  Hopefully it’ll come to me. 

Before I can do that, well hopefully at the same time, I need to write my Fumetti project with the ever talented “Pablo”.  There’s no title for this one yet.  I’m working on that.  Plus, I need to finish revising Chains, which I have started.  But I’m going to have to do away with the Usual Suspects and Duckman references I’m afraid.  That sucks, but maybe I’ll come up with something better.  The Riders of the Storm sequel is still on the horizon, and trust me when I say I’m anxious to write it.  The ideas I have for that is so monkey fighting cool you’ll be blown away.  I’m gonna end this here so I can get started on the untitled Jerale ‘n Pablo project. 

Oh, we’ll be doing a podcast for RaptorFace this weekend, so stop by Monday and check it out.  It’ll be our first on the site, so it should be interesting. 

Arri- Ve- Derci!




Sorry, but this week will be short and sweet.  Why?  Well, for two reasons.  The first, which is almost as important as the second, is that Inglorious Basterds opens Friday.  QT, baby!  I’m super stoked.  I absolutely can’t wait.  “Eat it, Fritz!” 

The other reason, I’m closer then ever to finishing Prey Predator.  I know that doesn’t mean much, cause typing one word means I’m closer than I was before, but I really am close.  During the past few days I’ve written nearly three pages.  I don’t know about you, but I’m excited.  It feels so good to see everything drawing to a close.  So, with any luck I should have it posted by the end of the week. 

OK, well… Everybody have fun.  Oh, I also wrote a quick review of the movie The Goods over on .  Go ahead and check it out, it won’t hurt, and it’s free.  I also plan on doing a review of Inglorious for Raptorface as well, so you might as well bookmark it now. 



Hearts on fire.  Strong desire rages deep within.”

Copland was on tv last night, and it made me think about some goals I had set for myself.  One, was to write a story in each genre, which includes- blech! –romance.  It also means writing a western.  Though I’ve never been a fan of westerns until recently, recently being the past 10 years, one of my big concept movies is a western.  I’ve always kept this one close, but I’ll give a little bit now.  I have an idea to do a western Crow movie.  Oh, it’s super sweet, believe me.  I might post my idea one day, but I’m still hoping to write the screenplay, so don’t hold your breath. 

Anyway, I’m getting off topic here.  My other goal is to follow in the steps of a writer/director I respect.  *drum roll*  Sylvester Stallone!  You didn’t catch that from the Rocky IV song at the beginning?  I’m not going to say I love that song, but it makes me smile.  So, permit me to wipe that smug smile off your face with some things you didn’t know.  On top of writing all of the Rocky movies, he also wrote the screenplays for all the Rambo movies, Cliffhanger, and a few others.  Now, you might be smiling even bigger and say “so what”.  Granted, with the exception of the first two Rocky’s, the others aren’t anything great.  But, you can’t deny that you’ve seen them.  More than once.  Here’s something else you didn’t know.  Stallone wrote the sequel to Rocky in one night.  He took it to the studio and had it greenlit that day.  Of course it went through a few rewrites, but that’s not important.  He wrote the screenplay in one night!  One night!  We’re not talking sitting at his computer, using a screenwriting program, saving your work as you go, and using spell check.  This was 1979, like the Smashing Pumpkins song.  A home computer was the size of an actual home, and couldn’t spell HAL, let alone perform a spell check.  We’re talking old fashion sitting at a desk in front of a typewriter, setting tabs, feeding in paper, and lining up the page.  We’re talking globby White-Out©, not correction strips.  And, he did this in one night.  The standing rule for screenplays (or used to be) is that each page of script equals one minute of screen time.  So, an hour and a half movie is around 90 pages.  In truth, it would be anywhere from 20-40 pages more than that because scenes are always trimmed down, cut, or outright removed.  120 pages in one night, and good enough for the studio to approve on the spot.  That’s quite a feat.  Even more, it’s a challenge. 

Well, I accept your challenge.  I haven’t decided which screenplay idea I’m going to attempt this with, but I’m going to give it a shot.  Probably won’t be this year, but once I feel the outline is fleshed out enough on one of them, it’s on. 




Well?  What do you think?  I made some changes to the look of the site with some much appreciated help of my host and Webmaster. 

This week’s blog will be short.  There hasn’t been a lot of progress on any of the stories this past week.  But, on the plus side I haven’t been writing any new rap songs.  I’ve been working with the underground group Corn Rolex on their new CD Haystax.  It’s not too bad.  I get some money, a writing credit, and all the groupies I can eat.  Ok, bad joke.  Word of advice, never work with rappers.  I feel like Ford Fairlane.  I get paid in gold chains and medallions, and over priced clothes.  It’s kinda sad.  They ask you if you like something, and if you want it, then afterwards they tell you it’s your pay.  I’d rather have the money. 

Meanwhile, back at the wrench… 

I’ve been hopping around from one story idea to another, and not staying focused like I should be.  James Patterson I’m not.  It’s hard, yo.  Everyday I’m reminded of a story I wanted to do and forgot about.  Well, not completely forgotten, more like let slide out of my immediate scope of interest.  You like that?  Sounds like something you’d hear at a press conference.  “We let that particular proposal slide out of our immediate scope of interest.”  At the same time I’m trying to do all my regular stuff, I’m also trying to come up with a story idea to pitch to Marvel Comics.  The pitch requires research, which means reading a bunch of comics.  Oh no!  How awful!  The things I must do.  My first idea was a 4 issue limited series called Captain America & Hawkeye/Ronin: Tough Love.  It was basically Cap and Hawkeye teaming up to stomp some bad guys, typical fair.  But the parallel story had to do with these two friends seeing each other again after both coming back from the dead; so to speak.  Hawkeye, back in his regular costume (maybe starts the series off as Ronin, but switches to the Hawkeye suit) is trying to deal with his “big brother” issue with Cap.  While Cap sees him as an equal, we know that Hawkeye secretly wants to be him- not actually be him, but be like him; as laid down in the New Avengers series.  He realizes that everything he’s done has always been to impress Cap and show him what a great hero he is.  It ends with Cap acknowledging this, and letting him know, that he’s always seen him as an equal, from the day he joined the Avengers.  He also tells him that he could never be “Captain America,” cause that’s not who he is.  He is as close to being “Cap” as he could be.  One of the reasons that they’ve always butted heads, unlike with him and Tony (Iron Man), is that they are so much alike.  Cap tells him that he’s more “Cap” then he knows. 

Not the strongest concept in the world, which is why I haven’t bothered to flesh it out more.  Plus, I have no idea what they’re going to do with Cap when he does come back.  Well, it goes without saying that Hawkeye is my favorite Avenger next to Wonder Man.  I’m not going to rattle off my top 10, but those two fight for the #1 spot.  So, here’s a question to all of you that I honestly don’t know.  Now that Hawkeye has died and comeback to life twice, through “different” means, is he still deaf?  That was one of the things I always liked about him, how he sacrificed his hearing in that 1980’s limited series.  It’s not a big deal, but I thought it gave him character. 

If you know the answer to that send me an e-mail.  Till next time. 


Jerale C