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“You don’t want to show me nothing, but you’re telling me everything.” 

Good news and bad news.  I thought I was going to have a treat for everyone, but it didn’t quite work out like I had hoped.  As I said before, Unwanted Heroes is really picking up speed and moving along.  I wanted to have 3 full chapters done, before I started posting.  Each chapter will run about 3 pages.  With posting every two weeks, it would keep me from falling behind.  Well I thought I was finishing up the end of chapter 3 today, when I realized that with what I was doing, chapter 3 was going to end up around 5-6 pages long.  So, what was supposed to be chapter 3 is instead chapter 4.  Now I have to close out the end of chapter 3 with something else.  It’s cool, though.  It gives me a chance to introduce something early that I hadn’t thought of before. 

“You’re part eggplant.” 

Unfortunately, the steam on UWHs is putting me behind on 117 Days in Hell.  These things can’t be helped.  I really like the way this is forming and everything is playing out, so I’m just riding with it.  It’s really interesting and exciting.  It’s like that scene from Wrath of Khan when they showed Genesis forming.  “Yeah, it kinda like that.” 

“You’re a cantaloupe.” 

You know what, I’m just gonna toss this out there for no good raisin.  I want to do a film adaptation of Tailgunner Jo.  Not sure if I ever mentioned that before, but I’m saying it now.  So, if you wanna take another idea from me Hollywood, this is it.  It’s been on my mind for a while now, and I think it would really work.  Perfect blend of a movie.  Haven’t heard of it before?  Ha!  Very few have.  Imagine how hard it was for me to find my missing issues.  Tailgunner was released by DC in prestige format under their direct distribution.  In the mid-80’s, Marvel and DC had some of their titles under direct to comic books stores only.  Newsstands were dying hard, and comic stores were the wave of the future.  There was more to it than just that, but you get the gist.  Dazzler was Marvel’s first direct only book.  I keep tossing around the idea of translating Epic’s Steelgrip Starkey, but I think that’d make a better cartoon series on Cartoon Network.  Can’t find that one either?  Ha!  Good luck.  It’s even harder to find.  Like looking for the only issue of the Ford Fairlane comic.  Impossible. 

“I think I’ll have one of those Chesterfields now.”

Last but not least, HeroesCon.  Trying to work out some details now.  Looking at doing a collaboration with Rebel Stars Studios comics from North Carolina.  I’ll keep you posted as things develop.  You can visit Rebel Stars here, and see why I’m pretty psyched about working with them:

  Well, if things go well over the next couple of days, I’ll post UWH this weekend.  Fingers crossed.  In the spirit of UWH…

“Slip out the back before they know you were there and at the worst you’ll see nobody cares.  You don’t wanna be around when it all goes down.  Even heroes know when to be scared.”



Well, it’s time to start preparing for the HeroesCon again.  For those of you who are unaware or just don’t know when it is this year, go here: .  Yeah, I’m planning on going back this year.  I don’t think we’re going to try and do a whole booth this time.  Expect to see me a Small Press table.  So, what’s the game plan this year?  Well, I’ve already detailed in a previous blog what I hope to do, but in truth, for now, I’m just gonna wing it. 

I will say that the story I’m currently writing has taken on a life of its own.  It’s so weird to create a universe from scratch and watch as it starts to build itself.  I’m expecting a little baby Spock to pop up at any minute.  It’s really rather exciting.  I’m used to writing things out of order, but that’s usually when I have a set beginning and end.  This is completely new.  Ideas and story arcs are sprouting to life on its own, and creating its own chain of events.  It’s really weird.  Suddenly, I have a full storyline forming that I hadn’t planned or even conceived.   

Enough of that.  On to something new.  I’ve got to mention this because it was so cool and completely unexpected.  Many of you, even if you’re full blown comic geeks have never heard of a limited series by Rick Veitch called Brat Pack.  For the unenlightened, get enlightened.  Find it and read it.  So, the other day I’m watching a new episode of Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon, and what do I see?  This:

Well, you ask.  What does this mean?  Well for those of you who haven’t read Brat Pack, let me show you. 

Yeah, the star and the pound sign are out of place, but you get it. 

Last week I was going o detail an idea I had that would never see the light of day.  It was a Batman/Superman/Star Wars crossover.  No, it’s really pretty cool.  It had Bats and Supes traveling to the other side of the galaxy via Mother Box.  Darkseid helped create the Death Star in exchange for what the Emperor knew about the anti-life equation.  There’s belief that Krypton didn’t blow up on its own, but was targeted by the Death Star because rebel factions were hiding out there.  Anyway, we get to see Batman fight a Sith and Superman go on a destructive rampage after being super charged by the twin suns of Tattoine.  Batman even uses the force.  The premise is really cool, but never made it beyond the idea stage, for obvious reasons. 

Well, that’s all for this week.  One question before I go- “If you were a hotdog would you eat yourself?  I know I would.” 



I can’t believe it’s February already.  It’ll be June before I know it.  Man, so much to do.  The good news is I’m moving along.  I’m really happy with the progress I’m making on Unwanted Heroes.  Something about it is very liberating.  I think part of it has to do with how the slightly disjointed storytelling allows for such creative and writing freedom.  Ideas flow freely because I don’t have to force the storyline to stay within a particular boundary.  I want to clarify here that I’m not making a 21st century Watchmen or Brat Pack or Kingdom Come.  It’s just a crazy world that mirrors our real world in a way that seems natural, inviting, and scary at the same time.  Hopefully. 

Enough of that for right now.  I don’t want to keep talking about it and build it up to heights it can’t obtain.  I’ve been talking a lot about UWH recently, but I haven’t mentioned progress on any of the other stories.  Well, it comes in spurts.  Wait, that came out all wrong, let me try again.  And yes, Matthew, you did come at a bad time.  I don’t believe in forcing ideas.  You can make yourself write, but unless your thought process is in full gear and the ideas are flowing like ambrosia, you’ll more than likely end up erasing and starting all over again.  So, why push it?  Why try and force something that’s not coming naturally?  Just give it a little time and let it come out on its own. 

I’ve been giving some thought to a sequel, of sorts, to The Unknown.  Taking Carlton and Murdock and sending them on a new journey to explorer the unusual.  I want to follow the same theme, but haven’t been able to pin down a good concept.  Again, just have to give it time.  I wish I had more to say this week, but my mind is a tempest of random thoughts and forced responsibility.  It’s hard for me to concentrate and focus one just one thing.  I’ll work on it for next time. 

Until then, keep your boots on.   @#*!