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As if things couldn’t get any bigger, more guests have been announced for the Charlotte Heroes Con.  This past week they’ve added Mike “Hellboy” Mignola, Ron Garney, and Kevin Maguire.  I’ve been a fan of Mignola since Cosmic Odyssey, one of my favorite stories.  *Geek alert* I’ll never forgive John Stewart (the Green Lantern, not the comedian) for what he did in that storyline.  And Kevin Maguire, I’ve been a fan of his since his Justice League work.  A few more of the previously announced attendees are: Clayton Henry, Ethan Van Sciver, and James O’Barr.  All I can say is: Wow!  Here’s a current list of all attendees:

Ok, I’m going to make this short as I’ve got a lot of things to do right now.  I’m putting together the script for the first issue.  It’s going to be quite interesting.  I can’t talk about it until more of the story is written, but it’s gonna be good.  As for Unwanted Heroes, the ideas just keep coming.  I said awhile back that if I went to the Con I’d have a standalone story just for the Con.  Well, I’m working on it.  “What’re you looking at?  You’re looking at my gut aren’t you? Well I’m working on it!”  As I described recently, I’m trying to do something like What Peter David did with his Hulk novel, What Savage Beast.  It’s a story that’s part of the continuity, but is not needed for the mainstream storyline.  Basically, and added bonus for people that get it, but the regular reader won’t be lost without it.  Anyway, I’m storming up my brain for an idea.  There’s plenty to tap into. 

So, the bottom line is I’m working.  If you didn’t know, Chapter III of Unwanted Heroes has now been posted.  Check it out.  Gotta go now, got a lot of work to do, and time’s running out.     

Oh, and in case you didn’t know – “I’m the Goddamn Batman!” 



Things seem to be moving right along on all fronts.  Unwanted Heroes is staying on schedule.  I finished chapter V today.  I was happy with how it all worked out.  I’ve said it before, but I really am amazed by how it’s all playing out building a bigger picture than what I had originally intended.  Every chapter expands beyond what I have planned, and creates a whole new direction stemming from the planted seed.  I’m delightfully impressed.  Not so much with myself, but with the process itself.  I will say about myself, though, sometimes when you’re writing a story, no matter how strongly you feel about it, or how involved you are in it, there’s a few times that you hit a block and you’re not sure how to move forward or connect the pieces in your mind with what’s on the screen.  It’s not writers block, it’s that internal search for the right word, or phrase, or paragraph, etc. to bridge everything and carry it forward.  I, luckily, haven’t hit that moment as of yet.  Every time I think I’m about to hit the rock in my garden, it turns out to be a clump of dirt, and I plow through.  The bad part, is that I keep getting diverted with a new area or aspect I want to pursue, and have to bring myself back.  It’s quite the spider web. 

Anyhoo-ville…  As stated before, I’m partnering with Rebel Stars Studios for the HeroesCon this year in Charlotte, NC, June 4th – 6th.   As of this past weekend, the booth has been secured, so we are confirmed.  In case you haven’t been keeping up with the guest list for this year, it’s going to be quite interesting.  Some of the returning guests are:  Frank Cho, Brandon Peterson, Adam Hughes, Jamal Igle, and Michael Golden.  Some new(er) faces this year are: Mark Bagley, Brain Bolland, Dustin Nguyen, Tim Sale, and Rob Liefeld.  Yes, rub your eyes and look again.  Rob Liefeld.  I’m going to take a cue from Forrest Gump and just move on.  It should be a great time.  I can’t wait.  If you want to find out more about Rebel Stars Studios or the HeroesCon, go here and here .

So, I’m sure many of you are wondering what ever happened to Die and Let Live?  Well, indefinite hiatus is the best way to describe it.  I wanted it to be the best it could be, and opted to do more than what I had initially conceived.  My photographer agreed with me.  We wanted, nay, needed an authentic location to shoot.  I still have the full support of everyone that had been tapped to work on the project, which is fantastic.  Once we get a good location, we’ll be on again.  It’s not gone, and it’s not forgotten, it’s just on hold.   On the future project’s side, I haven’t worked on some of the things I had planned on this year because other things have taken over in priority, and that’s ok.  I’m comfortable with that, but I’m still anxious to get some of these other ideas written.  But, they’ll come. 

That’s this week’s update.  UH chapter III will be posted with next week’s blog and progress update.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to talk about the collaborative project that we’re working on for the Con.  We’re still getting things together.  Might be able to drop some early looks as they develop.  Until then. 

I’m on a horse.



Nuff Said


Yeah, late again.  This time, it’s not my fault.  I had some computer difficulties that knocked me offline for a few days. 

Gonna make this quick.  First off, when you get a chance, pop on over to and check out my review of the movie Cop Out.  You need to read the review, but I’ll say this, it was quite funny.  Second, still moving forward with the HeroesCon.  Greatly looking forward to going this year.  This should be something special.  Third, blah blah blah… Unwanted Heroes, blah blah blah…  runaway train, blah blah blah… 

So, before I go on with everything, I want to explain a couple of things.  I feel like I’m defending myself, but I think it’s important to really explain what UH is, and what it has become.  It’s not your typical story or your typical storytelling.  The world that these characters live in is unique, and it’s hard to throw a reader into a world that is similar to the one they know, while being alien at the same time.  To do this, you have to slowly build the world around them.  Building the world requires you to abandon, for lack of a better word, the characters you come to know, and explore ones that you don’t, to help flesh out the overall picture.  Sometimes you have to leave characters just as you’re getting to know them to help you learn a little bit more about them.  Look at UH more as a character study than a straight point A – to point B story.  They make the story, not the other way around. 

So, without further ado, direct your attention to the right… Ladies and Gentlemen: Unwanted Heroes Chapters 1 & 2.