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Wow!  So, I keep talking about the Heroes Con getting bigger each week, and now we have a wrestler making an appearance on Saturday, June 5th.  Mick Foley, aka Cactus Jack, aka Mankind, will be at the con signing autographs and body slamming people.  Oddly enough, he charges the same price for both.  Weird.  As if that weren’t enough, Jim Cheung, Joe Linsnser and Jim Mahfood are going to be there now.  I’ve been a Jim Cheung fan for quite awhile.  His pencil style is so expressive while at the same time having a detailed simplicity. I find it hard to describe, but I like it.  Joe Linsner…  Cry for Dawn.  That’s all I have to say.  Mahfood, huh?  Mahfood had done a Generation X special, way back when that book existed and had his own book through Oni Press called Grrl Scouts.  Wasn’t initially impressed with the Gen X, but I liked Grrl Scouts and his style.  I look forward to meeting him.  So, I keep talking about all the big famous people that are going to be there, but screw them, just come and see me, then you can go see them.  *sigh* Fine, see them first, but you better come by and see me.  I’ll make you a deal.  At our table we will have a special line holder.  So, when you’re waiting for 30 minutes to get your copy of Danger Girl #1 holo-foil with the lenticular insert signed by J. Scott Campbell, and the guy at the front of the line is debating Abby Chase’s breast size, you can tag our line holder who will hold your place while you come over to our table and check us out.  It’s a win-win for us all. 

In related news, as you should be aware, Chapter VII is now online.  Hope you all enjoyed it.  I’m putting the finishing touches on a collected version of Unwanted Heroes, Chapter I-VII, for the Con to go along with Bury My Mask At Washington SquareBury is very action packed, and has some serious dramatic moments in it.  I don’t want to say you’re missing out by not reading it, but – you’re missing out by not reading it.  Keeping things short for the next few weeks as all the final touches are being placed on things.  I’m starting to get very excited about everything.  Hard to keep it all contained.  If there still wasn’t so much to do, I think I’d burst.  I’ll probably need Oompa Loompas to roll me around at the con. 

What else?  Um… I don’t know.  There’s so much going on around me right now.  I feel like I’m on one of those spinning things at the fair.  I just need to find something to focus on, otherwise I’ll get sick and refund everywhere.  One thing at a time.  Ok, gotta get back to work. 

“Everyone here just calls me Vicky.”



It’s a new week already, and it’s shaping up to be quite interesting.  To start, I have to speak on the unfortunate passing of fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.  Frazetta passed at the age of 82.  For those of you that aren’t aware, he was more than just a master of his craft.  He was an innovator.  Frazetta helped to create some of the iconic images of Conan and Vampirella. He survived sixth strokes, and had to train himself how to draw and paint with his left hand, after losing the ability to use his right.  Even still, the images he created were so well done you couldn’t tell.  Check out the documentary Playing With Fire, about his life and his body of work.  It’s inspiring.    

In other news, let me direct you attention over to an article from Slate.  The article is about Asylum studios and the direct-to-video “mockbusters” they make.  You may have seen these on the SyFy or Chiller channels.  Horrible doesn’t even begin to describe these movies.  Unknown actors led by one time B-listers.  I’ve seen more of these than I want to admit; none all the way through.  I’m familiar with Alien Vs. Hunter, The Terminators, and TransmorphersTransmorphers had a scene with people flying through the air on sky-cycles, but their hair didn’t move in the wind.  Classic.  Always up for a challenge, or just a crazy idea, I came up with an idea for a mockbuster version of the soon to be released movie Jonah Hex, entitled Jedidiah RootJonah Hex is “loosely” based off the DC Entertainment character of the same name.  I’m a fan of Hex, so this is done with a great amount of fanboy love.  Side note: Normally, fanboy love is a euphemism for masturbation, but this time it means from the heart

Jedidiah Root is about an ex-Civil War soldier trying to find work after the war.  He comes to the attention of a man in need of a soldier’s talent.  Jedidiah is unknowlying put on the wrong side of a fight in Louisiana against a town of Haitians.  When Jedidiah learns that things aren’t what it seems, it’s too late.  He is betrayed and left for dead by the man who hired him.  The Haitian taken the wounded Jedidiah to their “witchdoctor” who puts a root on him (voodoo curse), hence the name, by cutting out half of his heart and sending it to hell.  Now Jed is half a man.  He walks between both worlds and is unable to die.  The only way he can save himself is to go to hell and retrieve the other half of his heart, or clear his name.  Both of which seem impossible.  Jed sets out on a mad quest to redeem himself and get revenge.  To stop Jed, his betrayer send everything he has at him, a collection of ex-soldiers and gunslingers.  Jed blasts through them all until her gets to the bad guy.  Now for the M. Night Shamylan twist.  It was all a set up just so Jed would kill everyone in his path.  The bad guy wanted Jed to be cursed and to come after him.  The bad guy uses a voodoo spell brings all of Jed’s victims back to life, having been killed by a cursed man seeking revenge, and now has an army of zombies under his control.  With his unstoppable army he plans to take over the US.  In the end, Jed clears his name, breaks the curse, and turns all the living dead back into regular dead.  Now, tell me you wouldn’t spend 2 hours on a Saturday afternoon to watch that on cable, inter-cut with ads for Mermicorn Island and Terry Crews Old Spice commercials.  “Block! Block! Block!” 

Now, I’m not sure if I could shot this in 12 days, maybe 15, but I know I could write it in three.  Call me Asylum, let’s deal.  I’ll even throw in a mockbuster version of the Expendables called the Disposables.    Next year we can do Lieutenant American

Only a few weeks before Heroes Con.  Getting down to the wire.  Oh man, things are tight.  This is going to be exciting and scary at the same time.  More on that next week.  Maybe I’ll have some pre-production photos for Jedidiah Root by that time. 

“They can bury yo draws in the front yard and you can’t leave the house.”



Let me start by saying I’ve slightly broken my word.  As I was putting the finishing touches on Chapter 6 of Unwanted Heroes, I realized that the chapter was ending up a little longer than I anticipated.  So, I’m breaking it into chapter 6 and 7.  Ah.  That’s nice.  In an effort to really move the story along, I decided to increase the chapter sizes from 2-3 pages, to 4-5 pages.  Chapter 6 was starting to look more like 6-7 pages, hence the splitting.  It works, though.  Chapter 6 is now posted and ready for viewing. 

I’ve got a lot going on this week, so this might be a smaller than normal post.  The paying job has me going out of town for a 2 day training class, and then I’ve got the midnight showing of Iron Man 2 on Thursday.  So you can see that things are gonna be busy. 

So, I guess the question is posed that since I’ve been working on UWH and Revelations 23, what about the other stuff I was working on?  Excellent question.  I don’t know.  With everything that’s been going on, time is a premium, a luxury that I always seem to run cash poor on.  To be perfectly honest, these two stories are the only things that are keeping me sane for the most part.  They drag my brain away from everything else that hurts to think about or is too confusing to concentrate on.  I’m having a hard time thinking beyond them.  If breathing weren’t involuntary I would suffocate right now.  I can’t focus or concentrate on most things that are going on around me right now.  I can allow myself to be absorbed by these stories and let them take me over.  So, to finally answer your question – they’re still around, I just haven’t been able to devote any time to them.  To add to that, I’m really having such a great time with UWH that I’m backburnering everything else.  While we’re on the subject…

I promised some early pics of Revelations 23, so here they are.  These are character designs and page sketches for the first book. 

It’s interesting when you work on a project like this with two people coming together for the first time.  The writer, wOlly – also creator of the book, told me he was condensing some of the pages and putting more panels on some pages then it had been written for.  That was great for me.  It’s hard to tell when you first start working with an artist just how many panels you can fit on a page.  Do you Keith Giffen him and do the 9 panel Hollywood Squares layout, or do you give him a Chris Bachalo 23 panels per page deal?  It really depends on their art style and storytelling.  This is probably why some people write the basic script for the artist to breakdown, and write the dialogue after everything’s been drawn.  That sounds challenging.  I’m kinda curious about how you would do that.  As a writer, you have an idea of what you want the characters to say, and key dialogue you really want in.  Challenging.  I think it’d be kinda exciting at first.  With this one, we did a full page and panel breakdown script.  I even wrote/choreographed the fight scene.  Maybe we’ll try something different in the future. 

Ok, well I’m done for the night.  I’m tired.  I’ve got a long day tomorrow, and the new season of the Boondocks starts in 10 minutes. 

Later, all.