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Well, I finished writing Cadeloria By Night.  And I have, too.  Yep yep yep yep yep.  I have to say, the first issue turned out alright.  It’s coming in at around 26 pages, but I’m good with that.  See, I was having a problem doing full breakdowns, something that, up until Revelations 23, I hadn’t done in years.  So I tried a little something to manage it better.  I drew what started as 9 rectangles on a piece of paper, to represent the remaining pages, and then wrote short sentences next to them about what I wanted to happen on each page.  Obviously, I ran over on pages, but that was okay, cause working it out from my head to paper helped me to focus and not overload a page with panels, or underload (is that a word?  I’m using it anyway.) a page.  The characters aren’t fully developed in the issue, of course cause it’s a first issue, but they are fleshed out enough to intrigue and captivate the reader. 

Anyway, switching gears here.  The San Diego Comic Con was this past weekend.   Way to let me down Scott.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there this year – and honestly I probably won’t make it next year.  So, the big news, at least for me was the Avengers movie cast… kinda.  Let’s explore, shall we? 

First off, the new Hulk, or should I say new Banner.  The Ang Lee Hulk film was good.  I’m an old Hulk fan, followed the John Byrne run into the definitive Peter David run and have peeked in periodically after his departure.  I liked the Ang Lee movie, but it tried too hard to remove the suspension of disbelief factor and the movie was mired in realistic science.  I realize that if the madder Hulk gets, and the stronger he gets, his mass must increase, therefore a bigger Hulk.  But that matters to me any more than why a billionaire playboy is getting his ass kicked every night by mentally deranged creeps, instead of getting his ass kissed (literally) every night my sexually deranged chicks.  I DON’T CARE!  I just accept it for what it is.   I enjoyed Hulk and recommend it for viewing.  Is it my Hulk?  Not really, but I thought it was well done.  Didn’t care for the gamma dogs, though; but it was a good fight scene.  Now, the Edward Norton Incredible Hulk I really liked.  Excellent cast, special effects were great.  I liked the little touches in the story and development.  I liked where they were heading, with the Leader and all.  I mean, did anyone catch, what I saw a foreshadowing, when Betty was talking to him in the truck about controlling the Hulk, and Banner’s smile at the end of the movie?  Maybe Banner-Hulk in the next film, had there been one.  *heavy sigh*  Now, all praise aside, there were things missing that should have been in the movie or a director’s cut, which sadly we will probably never see.  I think these missing elements would explain a lot and help solidify the story.  Overall, well done. 

So, now we have Mark Ruffalo.  I don’t know much about him, but what little I’ve seen he was good in.  He did a great job in Zodiac, as well as Shutter Island.  I think he’ll do well, but I hate to see the franchise go through another new story and actor.  That would be the death of the Hulk, and we’ve already seen that made-for-tv movie.  Personally, I like the one with Daredevil.  As for the rest of the casting, I’m fairly satisfied.  I like what I know about the Thor movie, especially the director, Kenneth Branagh.  Not to mention that Destroyer’s in it, and the Infinity Gauntlet.  It’s got my spider-sense tingling.  The Cap movie is to new to really comment on, but I’ll say that I feel very strong about the cast and director.  I even like the production art of the costume.

And, the last bit of Avengers news was the inclusion of Hawkeye in the movie.  Anybody that knows me knows I have a strong affinity for Clint Barton.  Clint could kick Oliver Queen’s ass any day.  Ah said it!  I’ll save my 50 reasons why I love Hawkeye till next post, but suffice to say, that lot of news made my day. 

Wow, this week came in kinda long.  Remember Unwanted Heroes Chapter XII next week. 

“You will be the one escaping.”

“I can’t move.”


BTW, Con Air came on cable again this past Sunday.


For the past two weeks, Con Air had been coming on cable on Sunday.  Now, I like Con Air.  It’s not the best movie in the world I’ll admit it, but I dig it.  Great cast.  You can’t deny that.  I know all of the characters names, Billy Bedlam, Cyrus the Virus, Diamond Dog, The Marietta Mangler, Johnny 23, Pinball…  This Sunday, though, it didn’t come on.  Suddenly, I felt a little empty.  Weird.  Speaking of movies…

The other day I watched 2012 for the first time.  Wow, was that awful.  By a weird quirk of fate, if you can call it fate, a new “friend” named Flix watched it too.  I would give a scathing review, but I’ll let Flix do that.  He’ll be posting regular reviews of movies on RaptorFace.  Did I mention that Flix is a black guy that currently lives in 1970’s?  All will be explained in the first post.  Stay tuned. 

What next?  Chapter XI of Unwanted Heroes is now online.  I hope everyone’s starting to see the story coming together.  Setting up a subplot and rounding out the world a little bit more.  We’ll meet some more interesting people as things go on, and let me tell you now, things are going to get rough.  And before this first story arc is complete, several characters will die.  I’m not saying anything more than that. 

Sad as it is, that’s about all that I have to say this week.  Things have been rather slow.  Still working on Cadeloria By Night.  Don’t really know what’s taking me so long on that.  I think it’s the feel of a fantasy story that’s holding me up.  I’m not used to writing that genre, so I’m scared that I’m not doing it right.  The last thing I want is to Twilight the genre.  You know, where you make up your own rules in a place that already has clearly defined rules, and then say “Well, this is my version.”  Yeah… no.  That’s like me asking you if you want spaghetti, then bringing you a bowl of Ramen noodles and saying: “This is Jerale style spaghetti.”  No, it’s not cock-a-doodie spaghetti!  And those aren’t cock-a-doodie vampires or werewolves, Mrs. Woman!

Whoa, were am I?  I kinda blacked out for a minute there.  “Meanwhile, back at the wrench.”    Cadeloria.  I’ll finish it this week, Nick, not matter what. 

Ok, to wrap things up here.  I’ve been reading the DC Universe novel Last Sons, featuring Superman, Martian Manhunter, and Lobo, and written by Alan Grant.  I’ve been a fan of Alan Grant for a long time, and no one writes Lobo quite like him.  I’m not really feeling the book.  It’s a little slow, and I’m not getting that fully immersed feeling that I normally get while reading.  I keep finding myself reading a book.  Kinda like that feeling you get in the movie theater when for a moment you disengage from the movie and remember that you’re in a theater.  Well, I’m getting that a lot with this book.  The Lobo parts are excellent, but I’m just not feeling the rest.  This is surprising to me as a fan of Alan Grant’s work.  I had previously listened to the audio book of Batman: The Stone King based on the novel he wrote.  I enjoyed the Stone King, but this one…  Maybe it will redeem itself in the end. 

Bring the check, I’m done.  Be back next week where I’ll start things off with “Well, I finished writing Cadeloria By Night.” 

“Help, the last of the Mohicans is burnin’!”


PS. Enough with the Russian spam already.


In the song Can’t Tell Me Nothing, Kanye West said: “I had a dream I could buy my way to heaven.  When I woke I spent that on a necklace.”  I had a dream the other night – about zombies.  I was lying in bed while a movie called Bikini Frankenstein played on Skinemax.  I wasn’t watching it, not that you could watch a movie called Bikini Frankenstein.  The sound was just bouncing around in my subconscious.  When that went off, I was about ¾’s asleep when Panic Room came on.  I like Panic Room.  Being a big David Fincher fan, how could I not?  Plus, I dig Jody Foster, Forrest Whitaker, and Jared Leto.  Where was I?  Oh, yeah… zombies.  It was weird.  I was scared, but at the same time a little excited to see what was going on and what was going to happen.  The bad thing is that my dream was fighting against me.  It was like my brain was trying to kill me.  Yeah, it’s weird. 

I can’t go into details, cause as time’s gone on, I’ve forgotten a lot of it.  The part I really remember is that when I realized that zombies were attacking, I tried to go back to my house, just a few doors down from where I was, and lock myself in.  Suddenly, I couldn’t find my house.  I walked a block and a half, and couldn’t find my house.  The zombies were coming, but I couldn’t find my house.  I ended up going back to the store where everyone else was.  The store had no protection and the people inside… I don’t remember anything about them, but I thought they were jerks.  I ended up hiding in some kind of upstairs crawl space.  The weirdest thing about the whole dream, was that I was looking down on myself the whole time.  I guess the moral of the story is, drowsiness, T & A movies, and David Fincher don’t mix. 

Moving on.  Again, Baltimore ComicCon on August 28th & 29th.   Stop by and see Antwon, grab some of his new art prints, and get a copy of the first issue of Revelations 23.  I’ll be there on Saturday as well, so you can get some insight about the story and future issues, and have it signed by both of us.  Walt Simonson is going to be at the con.  The creator of Beta Ray Bill himself.  I have to get him to sign my Thor with BRB and my BRB mini bust.  SWEET!  Walt Simonson was to Thor what Peter David was to Hulk.  Love his work. 

As for me this week.  Still working on the norm.  Hope you enjoyed Unwanted Heroes Chapter X.  The next chapter will be posted on Monday.  In semi-related news, stop by RaptorFace ( on Friday and check out my article The God Complex.   You know, you should have that place bookmarked and be visiting it on a regular basis anyway.  Chris, James and I always have something interesting or even stupid to say.  James just wrote a piece on the game Split Second, and Chris is currently finishing an article on the joys of wearing ladies underwear.  Don’t ask. 

Ok, I’m done for the day.  See you on Monday for Chapter XI.  And remember…

“Fire. Bad.”



Let me say, it’s been a pretty hectic two weeks.  I’ve been able to stay on top of Unwanted Heroes, but unfortunately regular blog posts have fallen behind.  Doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day.  I may just cut regular blogging to updates and important stuff.  Oh, and random crazy thoughts.  I always have to post random crazy thoughts. 

So, what have I been working on?  Well on top of keeping Unwanted Heroes up to date, I’ve been putting a lot of mental energy into the second issue of Revelations 23, and a new fantasy comic book called Cadeloria By NightCadeloria By Night is going to be a very interesting and different story.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought and detail into the world and the characters, and have a basic plot outline for the first 4-5 issues.  I’ll be about halfway through the first issue by week’s end.  I’ll post the full script for the first issue once it’s complete. 

Unfortunately, things with Revelations 23 have been delayed a bit.  Just by a week or two.  We’re still looking at the completed book being ready before the end of the month, and will be available at both the Roanoke Valley Comic Con in October, and the Baltimore Comic Con August 28th & 29th.  It looks to be a pretty big con, with a scheduled appearance by Todd McFarlane among many others.  You can check out more info on the Baltimore Con here:  For anyone planning to attend, you can find my partner Antwon (wOlly) and I under Rebel Star Studios, of course.    wOlly will be there both days, selling his art, and giving you the lowdown on Revelations 23.  He’ll probably be hard at work on the second issue at that time. 

You know what, I’m tired and my brain feels deflated.  I actually can’t write anymore and can’t think of anything to say.  See you next week. 

“The mind wobbles.”