About Me

I’m just a simple writer.  I was frozen in some ice and thawed out by your scientists.  Your world scares and confuses me.

That’s kinda how I’ve felt lately.  A little like I’ve been frozen in ice for the past month and a half, and a little lost in the place where I currently find myself.  Unfortunately, where I currently find myself is weeks behind in Unwanted Heroes, with no time in sight showing when I’ll be able to get back to the story.  This “confusion” is quickly turning to anger.  “Anger rising! Rising!  fading.  Rising!”  It seems that life is getting in the way of me living again, and I feel a bit like a pack wolf pulling someone across the frozen tundra.  The words “mush, mush” driving steadily like a metronome with a beat that sounds like a Timberland reject from the Chris Cornell Scream album.

Please do not give up, and don’t despair.  The Heroes are still on their way, and we will continue shortly.  I know I’ve left things at a crucial moment, of sorts, and we are quite close to the end of this first story arc; with a mere 5 to 7 chapters left to go.

I apologize for being absent for so long without a word.  “Word!”

Seriously, time has become a premium that is more expensive than gas right now.  Justin Timberlake is lucky, at least he can see how he’s spending his time.  Just bear with me a little longer, and we’ll return to your regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

Stay tuned.



Oh, and to the people who keep sending me the Russian spam… thanks for not giving up on me.  I can feel your love like a chilled bowl of borscht.