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We interrupt this interruption from Unwanted Heroes for some very important news.  (It’ll be back soon, trust me.  (Trust me more this time than the last time.  I’ve got some plans for the book, and some grand ideas.  I’ve even enlisted top men to work with me.  Top men!))

Die and Let Live is officially finished and for sale!  What began as a fumetti style book has evolved into a fully illustrated comic thanks to the help of the wonderful and talented Lee Davis.  If James Brown was the hardest working man in show business (God rest his cape and hair curlers), then Lee is the hardest working man in the independent comic world.


You can check out Lee’s work here on his site:


And buy it here:


Oh, and while we’re doing shameless plugs… “Shame? I don’t need no stinkin’ shame!”  Check out this awesome movie he made starring… Oh, who was that guy?  Ah! YOURS TRULY! MOI!


And, why yes! That is the equally awesome Micah Acord co-starring!


That’s right folks, Die and Let Live is alive!

Wait…  Is that right?  Anyway…

There’s the wind up.  And the pitch:


All Mason wants is to live a quiet life in the woods of northern Montana.  Away from people.  Away from anxieties.  Away from his past.  But first, he needs to rob the 8th St. Bank to make his dream a reality. 

Unfortunately, a zombie outbreak changes his plans, and his hostages become his charges. 

Now, Mason finds himself in the last place he ever wanted to be again, responsible for the lives of others. 

Can he protect the people in the bank from the horrors outside, or will the ghosts of his past consume him?  And, if he can protect them, for how long? 

 Die and Let Live.  A two issue story about survival and redemption. 


Issue 1 is currently available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.


I’ll also have copies for sale at the 2015 Heroes Con.

I’ll be sharing a table with Lee, and the aforementioned Micah Acord.  Micah is the creator and illustrator of Rednecks in Space, the wonderful short comic Mr. Creepy, and the upcoming comic Tario.


I hope you enjoy Die and Let Live issue 1 and look forward to issue 2, coming soon!


It’s good to be back!