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            “It’s called a changeover.  The movie keeps going, and no one in the audience has any idea.” 

            Well, not exactly.  After the last blog, I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  I personally can’t stand reading these inane, random posts from people who think that the world at large cares what they had for breakfast.  Or that they’re such nice and decent people for not complaining about the toast being too dark on one side.  Blah!  That’s what they should call those, “Blah-gs.” 

            At the same time, writing mini-thesis’ about what I feel is this or that in writing is boring.  It’s not insightful, and it’s not my job.  I’m not entertaining anyone by writing blah-gs.  Mind’s Eye is about my writings, so, that’s what I’m gonna give you.  Along with a little dose of neurosis.  I recently realized I’m neurotic.  Who knew?  Shut up, Matthew! And, I swear if you tell that Mighty Max joke one more time, so help me…  You don’t see me telling the world about how when you were drunk you threatened to shoot me for looking at your girl.  While I’m at it.  The Adventures of Mighty Max on dvd would be a great thing.  I’d also like to see Eek! The Cat and Bruno the Kid, too. 

            So, where was I…  The Charlotte Heroes Con is getting closer and closer.  I keep thinking of that line in Chasing Amy where Alyssa says: “If I sell one book I feel like John Grisham.”  Come on people, help me feel like John Grisham, won’t you?  LOL.  Things are slowly coming together, thanks in great part to my wonderful assistant.  Yes, I have an assistant now.  Thank God.  Once we get the Heroes Con behind us, we’re headed to the San Diego Con and then the Wizard World Chicago.  We’ve got a busy schedule.  No, not really.  But once Heroes is behind us, my assistant will have a new job of keeping me on task and focused to get more things done, and done timely.  Sshhh!  Don’t say anything, cause she doesn’t know it yet.  She also has the most arduous task of keep me relaxed and somewhat serene of mind.  Ha!  She’s gonna start wishing she was paid more. 

            So, what are these tasks that need to be focused on?  As things are, I’ve made some pretty good headway into finishing up Pray Predator.  I’ve bridged a lot of stuff together, but I’ve hit a small snag.  Nothing major.  It’s just going to take a little bit of thinking to accomplish what I want overall.  I really like what I’ve done recently.  I’ve even added a nod to Neil Gaiman and a special thanks to him at the end of the story.  For anyone that’s read that issue of Sandman, I think you’ll agree that it wasn’t something I need to do, per se, but it seemed right.  On top of that, there’s still he second ROTS book.  The ideas for this one keep coming.  It’s going to be so much more than the first, it makes me excited.  While at the Con, Matthew and I will be doing a Vulcan mind meld to lay down the stories for 117 Days In Hell.  The plans we have for that already are great, so once we lay it all down, it’s going to be incredible.  We’re hoping to have it finished by year’s end.  “Like a boss!”  Yeah, I have no idea why I just said that.  Plus, I’m going to start laying the ground work for a new special project that involves zombies.  If you know me, then you know I love zombies.  For those of you attending the Con, make sure you stop buy and check out the special convention printing of The Unknown.  I’ll be re-teaming with the photographer from that on the new project.  I guarantee you it’s gonna be sweet. 

            That’s all for now.  Hopefully, next week I’ll be telling you that Pray Predator is finished.  And for those of you that were getting a little nervous the closer you got to the end of the blog cause of the Fight Club referenced title…  Let me assuage your fears.  I have not spliced anything into the last sentence on this *big rooster* blog. 

Jerale C



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  1. YAY I’m looking forward to Heroescon too! And Sam said maybe we can get to SDCC next year. WE’ll see….

    Comment by Jadielady — June 2, 2009 @ 7:19 pm

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