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About a year ago I had an idea for an episode of Family Guy.  I came real close to writing it, but was really having a problem coming up with random things to toss in and 80’s throwback nostalgia.  Me having problems with random weirdness?  I know!  Plus, it was more of a notion than an idea.  The episode had two separate stories going on, like most episodes.  One had Peter taking the trash out one night when he’s attacked and bitten by a large snarling animal.  He doesn’t think anything about it till dinner time.  Meg goes to get the last piece of meatloaf and Peter growls at her and bites her on the arm.  The next day, he walks in on her while she’s changing clothes and sees her hairy back and thinks that he was bitten by a werewolf and has passed the curse on to her, too.  Maybe have him watch a werewolf movie before that, or maybe the mayor creates some stupid law that has to do with werewolves.  Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and (at the time still with them) Cleveland go looking for the werewolf that bit Peter.  Quagmire will make a comment about hoping it’s a female and that he has a thing for hirsute women.  He used to pilot a route from Quahog to Quebec.  While this is going on, Brian and Stewie are trying to stop Eliza, the now orphan little British girl, from exacting her revenge on Lois.  If you remember back to that episode.  Well, since now Stewie realizes he’s not ready to kill Lois, he doesn’t want anyone else to do it either.  Eliza’s plan is really good, and Stewie and Brian are having a hard time stopping her; which makes Stewie question his own intellect.  Lois and Meg have a small scene where Meg questions why they’re not in the episode.  Lois explains that the male writer doesn’t know how to write for female characters, and then says they should go rent some girl on girl porn to watch together.  Everything works itself out in the end.  Brian and Stewie save Lois.  Peter and the guys find the animal and kill it.  The episode ends with Lois asking Peter if they caught and killed the werewolf.  Peter explains that it was just a large badger, and that he wasn’t a werewolf himself, he just has rabies. 

In other news… Nicholas Cage has stated he wants to do a sequel to Ghost Rider and kind of re-conceive it.  Well, it just so happens that I have a good idea for that.  Like to hear it, here it goes!  But first…  I have to say, that I didn’t like the first GR movie.  I did at first, but the more I watched it, the more I grew to hate it.  Well, hates a strong word.  Let’s say severely dislike to the point of disgust?  Which is why I came up with a sequel idea that would get it on the right track.  Oh no, stay with me, cause this is good.  What would you say to two Ghost Riders fighting each other?  Sounds a little cheesy at first, but I assure you, this is lactose free. 

Well, in conveying my concept I kinda ran over the length I like to have for a blog post.  So, I put it over there on the right hand side with the others.  Granted, this isn’t a complete ready to go idea, cause frankly I’m not getting paid to think this stuff up so investing an inordinate amount of time in it for no good raisin doesn’t make any sense.  Yes I meant “raisin.”  If you don’t get the joke, then you don’t get the joke.  Sorry.  If you like the Ghost Rider 2 concept, you should hear my Daredevil 2 idea.  I bring in the hand, and bring back Bullseye.  Zang yo!  That’s right, I’m fixing everything that Mark Steven Johnson broke.  Though, I did like Daredevil.  Ok, that’s all for this week, for now at least. 

“Stay gold, Ponyboy.”





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  1. Daredevil – hate it.

    Comment by Yuno Hu — July 21, 2009 @ 3:57 pm

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