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So, this week I found I had a fair amount of free time at lunch.  So, I decided to use this time to work on one of my old projects; that being my screenplay Chains.  As I’ve mentioned before, this one needed to be cleaned up some.  Well, maybe not so much.  As I read through it I realized I was pretty happy with the bulk of the work I had already done.  But, to be fair, let me go back to the beginning. 

In 2001 I answered a call and joined thousands of others by entering the first Project Greenlight contest.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t expecting to win, and didn’t even want to win.  Truth.  It would have been nice, at the time, but it wasn’t what I wanted.  What I was really seeking was validation.  You can understand that, right?  All I wanted was to make the first cut.  I’m not going to go into my feelings about the contest, and all that, but I will say that I thought the review stage could have been handled better.  So, I had to come up with a story, in a short amount of time, and get it out there.  Had to be in the proper format, registered with the Screenwriters Guild, and Library of Congress, and all that.  Oh yeah!  Thus, Chains was born.  Now, Chains is a pretty simple and basic story about three friends that rob a bank.  But, the story isn’t about the robbery, it’s about friendship, and what makes people who they are.  The three friends represent 3 different phases, one being moral good, one being sort of in between (teetering back and forth), and one who is morally- let’s says deficient, but not necessarily bad. 

The screenplay has always stayed on my mind because of the characters, and how their friendship holds them together.  Anyway, getting back to the point…  As I was reading through and doing my clean-up, I wasn’t seeing much that needed to be cleaned.  Dusted off, sure, but not overhauled the way I thought.  Well… I do need to straighten out the format, and I need a good screenplay program for that.  I also need to break up the dialogue in spots.  There’s this entire Silver Surfer monologue that is important, but I think it takes too long.  About a page long.  Oh, this story is a complete geek-fest, too!  If it ever gets made, “Hope. Hope.” (thank you, Dick Ritchie), it’ll be one that develops a core fan base, cause it’s not for mass audiences.  There are enough comic book and pop culture references to rival the San Diego Comic Con.  Why am I plugging something I’m not at?  Silver Surfer.  With the Fantastic Four movie, you’d think it’d be easier to slip this in, and cut back on the dialogue, but it’s not.  That’s a sticky wicket.  Then, there are the random quotes and things said continuously by one of the other characters.  This is important to who he is, but I understand how this can lose a viewer who doesn’t get it.  I have a Duckman reference in there, for Pete’s sake.  Who the hell remembers Duckman, but me?  BTW, season 1 & 2 are on DVD.  It’s pretty funny. 

So then this week, I had this idea that hit me like I was Billy Batson.  I’ll by a camera and shoot it myself.  I can do it all fairly cheaply.  The whole thing was written to be done with a max budget of $50k.  There are about 5 locations.  It honestly wouldn’t take much.  Thinking about it kinda excites me, like I’s just come up with the idea for Prestige Worldwide.  “Investors?  Possibly you!” 

Anyway, once I finish running my mental Swiffer across it, I’ll post it up.  I’m not really going to worry about the format issue right now.  As Seth Gecko would say: “It’s not a big deal, until you make it a big deal.”  Then again, Seth would also say: “Your best better get a helluva lot f-ing better, or you’re gonna feel a helluva lot f-ing worse.”  Which works, too.  Now, there’s a guy who knows how to come up with words of inspiration.  Screw you Vince Lombardi! 

BTW, when I make my first round of “big money”, I’m making a sizable contribution of Wikipedia.  I really don’t know how I made it without you.  Where else can someone like me find answers to my random thoughts of weirdness and pop culture?  Can any of you tell me where this Blog title comes from?  I thought not.  “Quite.” 

 Jerale C



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  2. – for the uninitiated.

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