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Welcome to Minds Eye Chronicles.


So, who am I?  Just a writer.  It’s that simple.  I get ideas for stories and I want to share them.  I want to entertain people, and try to create the same feeling in them that I get when I read a good book, or watch a great movie.


What you’ll find here are stories straight from my mind’s eye; hence the name.  It’s like that scene from Hot Shots where Lloyd Bridges pulls the back of the head off the bust of Lincoln and says: “Cookie?”  Please, have a cookie or two.  Pretend you’re a lucky zombie and dig in until you’ve had your fill.


My thinking isn’t linear, and neither is my writing style.  I try to experiment with the way I tell stories, drawing inspiration from everything around me.   I’m a fan of Sci-Fi, but that isn’t the sole body of my work.  I don’t do horror.  Sorry, I don’t believe in horror in written form, per se.  There are those that can do it, and do it well; Clive Barker for starters.  The others get turned into horrible movies for those that don’t care, or know any better.  But true fear needs to be planted in someone like a seed.  It goes away for a while, but is never gone.  And then out of the blue, it blooms big and bold and steals your breath.  Because of this, I don’t do horror.  I classify my endeavor into this genre as “supernatural drama.”  One day I may write something that I feel is worthy of truly being called horror.  Something that stays with you long after the book has been closed.  But, until then…


Before summer starts I plan to start work on my first interplanetary Sci-Fi story/novella title You Are Now Leaving Planet Earth.  That’s all you get for now, is just the title.




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  1. YAY! Your first post 🙂 I can’t wait to see what you do!

    Comment by Jadielady — February 8, 2009 @ 2:11 pm

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