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To start, we’ll bypass me being late posting this week and go straight to the good news.  Pray Predator has now been posted.  [Move eyes to the right side of the screen]  I hope you like it.  As always, comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  In addition to that, you can also check out my review of Inglorious Basterds over on   To say I like Inglorious is an understatement.  I can’t wait to see it again. 

As for Pray Predator—as I’ve stated previously, writing a thriller is rather new to me.  Rather meaning completely.  It’s not something I’m used to.  Not sure if I can get used to it.  The pacing is so difficult.  I will definitely do it again sometime in the near future.  So, what’s next?  Well, I’ve set a few goals for myself, and postponed a great deal of things; at least for the time being.  I said earlier that I want to get my parts of 117 Days In Hell done before the end of the year.  My parts being four of the 8-9 stories.  Since these are short stories I’ll treat them like short stories, as dictated by Edgar Allen Poe.  Poe said a short story is one that can be read in one sitting.  I try to stick with that philosophy.  Honestly, who is to argue with the man?  He brought us so much in the way of writing and genres.  117 is a series of stories set within a global event that are, and in some cases are not, directly linked.  One of the stories, Long Way Down, is a psycho-drama.  It should be really interesting as it goes along.  Oh, and Ash, you were right I did already have a title for them.  I can’t remember the other one right now.  Hopefully it’ll come to me. 

Before I can do that, well hopefully at the same time, I need to write my Fumetti project with the ever talented “Pablo”.  There’s no title for this one yet.  I’m working on that.  Plus, I need to finish revising Chains, which I have started.  But I’m going to have to do away with the Usual Suspects and Duckman references I’m afraid.  That sucks, but maybe I’ll come up with something better.  The Riders of the Storm sequel is still on the horizon, and trust me when I say I’m anxious to write it.  The ideas I have for that is so monkey fighting cool you’ll be blown away.  I’m gonna end this here so I can get started on the untitled Jerale ‘n Pablo project. 

Oh, we’ll be doing a podcast for RaptorFace this weekend, so stop by Monday and check it out.  It’ll be our first on the site, so it should be interesting. 

Arri- Ve- Derci!




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