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54-40 would be a great name for a Foo Fighters cover band, wouldn’t it?  So, aliens—why haven’t I written anything with space travel and aliens yet?  Good question.  I’m glad I asked.  Answer: I don’t know.  I still plan on writing You Are Now Leaving Planet Earth, and Secret Life of God does mention aliens in it, but I haven’t actually jumped into the further adventures of Major Tom genre.  I love science fiction and space travel and aliens, all that stuff, but I haven’t actually written anything sci-fi-ish.  I’m not going to rundown the naughty and nice list of sci-fi movies and books that I love, but I will direct you to an earlier blog on Ray Bradbury.  It’s in the archives.  Just keep looking till you find it.  Speaking of which, but not really, when the hell does Pandorum come out?  I’ve been seeing the same trailer for over a year now, and no release date has been given yet.  I’m not necessarily all fired up to see it, but after a year you have to give me something.  Anyway, skipping the witches…  Just let me get through some of this other stuff first, and I’ll write a planet hopping science fiction story that’ll have you ready to whip out your phaser.  Don’t take that in a bad way.  Or that.  And now we segue into…

So, as you’ve seen, and hopefully read, Prey Predator is finished and now on the site.  I have to say, that I was so—umm, not angry, let’s say disappointed—disappointed with myself for taking so long to finish it.  At just about 18 pages, that averages out to a page a month, or a sentence a day.  You start to think, anybody could write a story at that pace.  But when I look back at it, and read through it, some things feel as though they couldn’t have been written any sooner.  Almost like I couldn’t tell the story, the story had to tell itself.  Weird, I know.  By the same token, Die and Let Live is coming along nicely.  Hoping to get a few pages knocked out this weekend.  This one is a little easier to write, initially, as the first part of the writing is basically outlining, and establishing key points and key dialogue.  The hard part comes in later when I have to write the rest of the dialogue after the pictures have been taken.  Not to mention going over all the pictures, and determining which ones we’ll use, and if we got the right angle.  So far things are looking encouraging.  I’ve gotten no resistance from people as far as the background story goes, which is great.  The concept is fairly simple, which makes the rest of it harder.  Then you have to take the simple and make it extraordinary.  Like Bedazzling your plain, ordinary denim jacket, or making your regular blue jeans into $500.00 designer look a likes.  To borrow one of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies:  “You mean it will be difficult?”  “Very.”  “This isn’t ‘Mission Difficult’, it’s ‘Mission Impossible’.  Difficult should be a walk in the park for you.”  Paraphrasing.  Well, not a walk in the park exactly, but a challenge I readily accept.  I’m actually quite excited about the whole thing.  I think it would even be kinda interesting to do a mini-documentary on the making of Die and Let Live.  You could call it Crawling to the Surface: The making of Die and Let Live.  Ok, it’s official.  I’m doing that. 

Ok, enough for now.  Happy Labor Day! 




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