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There wasn’t a post last week. Sorry.  Time kinda got away from me, and my general rule is that if I haven’t posted by Wednesday night, then it’s pointless after that. 

So, I was listening to an audio book of JLA: Exterminators, written by Christopher Golden, today, and it got me thinking.  There’s a part where a character named Ian, who has recently developed super powers, finds out that what brought about those powers might end up killing him.  Ian doesn’t want to give them up.  He doesn’t want to go back to being normal.  Who would?  Now, as for myself, whenever some jerk pulls out in front of me when I’m driving, or rides my bumper cause they want to do 20 over the speed limit instead of just 10, I always say: “That’s why God didn’t give me super powers.”  Can you imagine…  There would be crushed and overturned cars littered all along the highway.  And don’t even think about parking your “fancy” car over two spaces, cause you’re just begging for a telekinetic beatdown. 

The point of my little rant just now?  Well, not everybody that would get super powers would have American heartland ideals, or a “With great power…” mantra.  They’d be just like you and me.  Not necessarily bad, or good, just human.  Most rock stars say they joined a band to get chicks.  Well, imagine the kind and amount of women you would get if you could lift 10 tons, and didn’t have such high standing morals?  You would go a little overboard, and honestly, who could blame you? 

Well, in thinking about Unwanted Heroes today and the concept I’m going for with it, I thought: What if the heroes weren’t so high and mighty?  They might not ask you to pay them, but maybe they might go and party in Vegas every once in a while, or melt a paparazzi’s camera with their heat vision.  After all, they are celebrities, too.  Maybe I’d rather use my invulnerability and become a stuntman, instead of fighting crime.  Nobody says I have to.  Besides, even if I do decide to fight crime and save lives, I can’t be everywhere at once, and I can’t save everybody.  More to the point, you shouldn’t ask me too.  It’s my life.  Rich people don’t just giveaway money.  Anyway, you get the point.  I know this idea isn’t new, Booster Gold, but I think using this will help define the world of the Unwanted Heroes.  Imagine if you were the child of a one-night stand with Spider-Man.  What if your father was a super hero, but you didn’t get any powers.  Man, that would suck.  We could make t-shirts.  My mom slept with Wolverine, and all I got was this lousy body hair. 

That’s some of the areas I want to explore with this; not the t-shirt part, that was a joke.  Kinda like my own little Astro City.  As you know, I’ve got a full plate already, but the more this starts to come together, we might get a chapter in the next couple of months.  Who knows. 

Ok, I’m out of here.  Fly me courageous. 




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