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Jerale initially approached me about being interviewed as to why I do what I do.  He instead opted to let me write his article this week and explain things myself. 

Superman, or the Punisher?  That’s the question.  Would you rather be the hero, or the anti-hero.  I would assume that most would say the anti-hero.  Why?  Because they’re easier to relate to.  The anti-hero doesn’t have to be held up against a mirror of social acceptance and lofty morals.  You could consider them glorified vigilantes, but that’s not accurate.  Batman is a vigilante.  Technically, almost all superheroes are. 

Now, I have to ask, why?  Why not try to be more than your average man, who just happens to be able to shoot fire from his fingertips?  Why not try and present yourself as an ideal for people to look up to?  An image of something greater for people to aspire to.  Is it too hard?  I can’t imagine that after rushing into a burning building to save children, deciding to turn a guy over to the police, as oppose to breaking his legs and leaving him in an alley, is that hard.    

So, why one over the other?  It’s all a matter of where you fall on the optimist/pessimist meter.  Me, I’m the anti-hero.  Not because I don’t believe in the morally right, or that I can’t see myself as a role model.  I do it because I don’t see what the other heroes do as being enough.  There’s fear, and there’s fear.  There’s a line in the movie a Bronx Tale where Chaz Palmenteri is asked if he would rather be loved, or be feared.  He says: “I would rather be feared.  It’s fear that makes them loyal to you.”  For me, fear is what makes them think twice when they leave the house.  I don’t need the public as a whole to love me.  I need the scum of the city to fear me.  To be afraid of what I might do if I catch them breaking the law.  If I catch them trying to hook they’re parasitic claws into the real people of the city.  The real people of this city need more than a poster child for honor and righteousness like Colonel Courageous and the Justice Squad.  The people need someone who can push back against the lesser beings that stalk the streets.  The animals of this urban zoo. 

My job is to make those that lurk in the shadows afraid to hide in the darkness for fear that I might be there.  Yes, I have killed, but only as a last resort.  And, I will kill again if I have to.  Clockworx would have me thrown in prison for that, and has tried on several occasions.  He and the rest of them need to understand that there is as great a need for me as there is for them.  By denying me, they deny the people of the city that count on me.  Don’t get me wrong, I admire the Justice Squad and the work they do.  I recognize that they are the other half of my coin.  The yin to my yang.  This city would be an even bigger cesspool if it was left up to me, and others like me, to cleanse it of its filth.  The people need a bright star to wish upon to save them, and hell to wish for the bad people to go to.  If Colonel Courageous is that star, then I am that hell. 

Fear me for what I have done, and what I have yet to do, because my work is never ending. 


The Aggressor


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