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I was originally going to title this blog: Dos Vadanya, Alien.  I went for the more obscure, as usual, and opted for an early 90’s movie reference.  So… I’ve got this weird fascination for the Tunguska event.  For those unaware, there was an explosion in Tunguska, Russia in 1908 that emitted a blast of radiation that affected residents of towns 20 miles away.  The light from the blast was so bright that it could be seen in England.  The blast flattened the trees on the outskirts of the Tunguska forest in a circular pattern, but left the ones in the epicenter still standing.  The official scientific explanation for this is a comet or meteor that exploded roughly a mile above the ground.  Many believe that it was caused by an alien spaceship crashing into the Earth.

I use the Tunguska event in my story The Secret Life of God.  If you recall, Dan Ackroyd’s character, Ray Stanz, in Ghostbusters mentions it as well.    It’s fascinating.  Check out Wikipedia to learn more about the event.  It really is interesting.  Almost a decade ago, geez I hate talking like that- always reminds me of how old I am, Warren Ellis and Jim Lee did an issue of Stormwatch that involved an alien invasion.  The Stormwatch crew had difficulty fighting the aliens at first because they couldn’t see them.  This story has to be read for the true impact.  Such a great story and incredible art.  Anyway, the alien being was so, for lack of a better word, alien that their minds couldn’t comprehend it and instead presented them with an image that it could handle to keep them from going insane.  Pretty interesting concept.  I’ve always subscribed to the idea that if aliens do exist, whatever you think they might look like, they can’t look like.  They are aliens!  The very definition of the word means something foreign and unfamiliar to you.  If you can conceive it, then they can’t be anything like that.  Our thinking is based upon our perception of things, but a true alien would not be subjected to how we perceive life and anatomy and how things work.  Like how scientists say that math is a universal language, but that only holds true to human beings.  If we on Earth can’t choose whether standard or metric should be the international use for measure, how can we expect aliens to use or adopt our rule of measure?  Their concept of mathematics could be beyond anything we’ve ever considered. 

Not trying to get off on a rant here, but you see where I’m going.  I had an idea, borrowing from Warren Ellis’, about a group of people who team with a scientist to investigate an alien appearance, and have to used a modified hallucinogenic to expand their consciousness so that they can perceive the alien visitors.   I think it’s interesting.

Hey, you know another good invasion movie, The Arrival, with Charlie Sheen; you know, back when he used to act. 

I keep the idea in my head waiting for the right time to use it.  I like aliens, and I love sci-fi (RIP Forest Ackerman).  It allows for so much mental free-range, you can just let your mind run wild.  Yee-haw, free-range thoughts.  Now, that’s organic. 



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