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Yeah, it’s not the same not hearing it from the lead singer of Disturbed.  Needless to say, as the title suggests, I’m Down With the Sickness.  It’s just a small thing, not related to anything in the animal family, winged or hoofed.  Thank heavens for cold pills and their hallucinogenic properties.  I had this weird dream about a reality show with Christopher Walken called Walken Tall.  You can’t make this kinda stuff up.  Ok, I made that up, but still.  Since I’m slightly out of sync with the rest of the world, pop on over to and get your fill of me audibly with Raptorface podcast #2.  You can listen from the site or download it and listen on the go.  In your car.  While taking a jog.  Going for a walk.  Riding a bike.  In the shower.  (Not in the shower, please).  Thank you, and I’ll see you next week.  Ah-choo! 


Jerale C


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