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“You’re far too kind.  Please hold your applause. This is your song, not mine.” 

In the spirit of the holiday I thought I’d talk about something I’m thankful for.  Everyone has a gift or talent; something that they do better than the average person.  Most people ignore their talents, or take them for granted.  Those that don’t can sometimes face a long hard role to see their passion blossom into something great that they can share with the world.  It’s not easy.  Some people internalize their talents, and keep them solely to themselves.  Others set out on a journey to take what they have and launch it into orbit for everyone to see.  Many make it.  Even more see their gift catch fire like Icarus and crash to the ground.   What can be even harder, is to picks up the pieces and start over again. 

As you all know, or should- I mean, I don’t want to insult anybody here, but if you’re reading this and you don’t know what my talent is, then “Push your call button and Tommy will come back there and hit you in the head with a tack hammer cause you are a retard.” *sorry* Writing.  That’s what I do. 

Now, is it hard?  Yeah, it’s hard work, but it doesn’t feel like work.  It’s something I enjoy. Something I love.  It’s hard, arduous at times, but it’s never work.  The hardest part is not giving up.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t want to share their gift with the world?  Frank Lloyd Wright.  Andy Warhol.  Dave Grohl.  That’s what they did.  Think about your favorite band, and the cd that brought them to your attention.  Now think about the cd’s that came before that one.  The underground recordings, and self pressed cd’s they sold from the trunk of their car.  All the songs that they wrote and sang, the touring, the endurance.  They stayed focused and true, and they never gave up.  I’m sure they thought about it several times, and even took a hiatus or two, but never officially threw in the towel.  Why?  Well, there are tons of reasons, but the one that probably helped the most, were the people that believed in them.  The ones that stood beside them and encouraged them.  The ones that looked them in the eyes and said with such conviction and belief: “I love your work.” 

Those four words have such power in them, you can barely believe it.  Think about the times someone has sad it to you, even over the smallest, or simplest thing, and how it made you feel.  “Yeah, it’s kinda like that.” 

So, I’d like to take this time to say thank you to everyone who believes in me.  Everyone that comes to the site; even if it’s your first time here.  Those that have read every story I’ve written, and those who haven’t read anything more than this blog. 

Thank you.  Happy Thanksgiving.




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