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Happy New Year, everyone!  If all goes as planned this will be a pretty exciting year.  There’s so much on the horizon I don’t even know where to begin.  I’ll start with this.  As of right now I have every intention of attending the Heroes Convention in Charlotte, NC again this year.  Let me rephrase that statement.  I’ll be going no matter what, the only difference will be as an exhibitor or as an attendee.    The deciding factor is Die and Let Live, or what other project I may be working on.  Depending on how far along these things are, and how strong I feel about them will determine my presence.   This also goes for the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD this year.  The SPX isn’t until September, so even if Die and Let Live isn’t complete by the Heroes Con, it shouldn’t definitely be in all its wonder glory by then. 

I’m not going to go over again everything I have planned, but I will touch on something I’ve been talking about for a hwile.  Unwanted Heroes.  I have big plans for this series.  It’s going to be extremely experimental for me.  I’m going to try a lot of different things with this series; storytelling I’ve never really tried before.  It’ll be interesting.  Ok, I know I’ve been talking about this series and I haven’t produced sentences one.  Well, I’m taking it slow.  Real slow, I know, but I want to do it right.  Experimental, but right.  Does that sound weird?  Yeah, it does.     

So, what else?  Hurm…  Ooh!  I came up with a title for the one of the other stories in 117 Days in Hell.  Following my recent naming trend I’ve settled on Man in the Box.  So, as of right now the three stories are Long Way Down, Somewhere Beyond the Sea, and Man in the Box.  I’ve said this before, but I really can’t wait to get started.  By “get started” I mean being able to sit down and dedicate myself and my time to it.  Unfortunately, outside forces have me kinda stretched and stressed.  These “forces” are slowing me down a bit, but that’s no excuse.  I need to start making time for everything.  One thing I have decided on is that ROTS is taking a full backseat to everything else I’m doing.  I am disheartened by this choice, but it seems to be the best decision at this point.   

As always, if you haven’t been over to Raptorface ( you need to go check it out.  We’ve got a review of the movie Black Dynamite on there, and an editorial by yours truly on Choose Your Own Adventure books.  Do it now, I’ll wait. 

Pretty cool, right?  Look for a new podcast in the next couple of weeks.  And you know how funny those are.  Huh?  Huh?  “Ah, what do you know from funny, ya bastard.” 

OK, I’m finished for today.  Barry Bonds, ya’ll. 



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