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This past week I was able to take time out and enjoy a few movies.  I watched The Usual Suspects, Wonder Boys, and The Fantastic Mr. Fox.  I’ve gone on before about Suspects and Wonder Boys, so I’m not going to go into details there.  Mr. Fox was pretty good.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It did me some good to watch a couple of good movies.  It helps get my mind going.  Helps motivate me. 

You know another thing that really helps motivate me?  Bad movies.  I’m not talking Saturday-afternoon-SyFy-channel-starring-Jeremy-London-and-Billy-Zane bad.  I’m talking you-spent-how-much-making-this-piece-of-garbage bad.  Yeah, nothing gets the creative juices flowing like watching some poorly done. 

I’ve got a Thanksgiving size feast sitting before me, and by the end of this year I want to have eaten it all, or at least most.  I’m not a glutton.  I actually started writing the first chapter, if you want to call them chapters, of Unwanted Heroes.  Let me go on record now as saying this will be a learning experience.  There was so much that started coming out when I was writing that I could feel it getting muddled.  That’s kinda good, in a weird sort of way.  I’m only planning on the chapters being 2-3 pages in length, but could go longer depending on what’s going on.  Bear in mind that I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, just put some cool rims on it. 

On the 117 front, I’m mulling over ideas for 3 new stories.  Before I can commit anything to paper, even the digital kind, I have to fully see it in my head.  That’s where these 3 ideas are.  Rattling around inside my head like a broken pinball game.  It’s all just going to take a little bit of time. 

Ok, time to get back to thinking and plotting and planning all these things I keep talking about. 

Stay gold, Ponyboy, and I’ll see you next week. 



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