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So much going on right now.  First off, we’re working on Die and Let Live, and getting everything set for that.  It’s such a big deal to everyone involved.  I know I’ve mentioned it already several times over, but it’s all so exciting.  I’m sure once we get started, the newness will wear off quickly and we’ll find ourselves trudging through the details.  Even still… 

As far as the second lot of news- I’ve started on Unwanted Heroes.  As of today I’ve written three pages.  What’s exciting about that is the spark that stirred me and got me going I haven’t even finished writing.  As I was putting together the fine details of the first chapter, other ideas started to emerge, and I started putting them down.  That led me to more ideas, and everything started to spider-web.  As of right now, the story doesn’t really have a direction, but I don’t care.  This story isn’t so much as about telling a journey, as it is about just telling a story.  As of now, I’m incorporating a lot of stuff into it from everywhere.  Example, there’s a brief mention in the first chapter of an autobiography written by a former sidekick called I’m in the League.  It’s about this guy’s life as a sidekick and his fight to get respect from the other heroes, and credit from the public for what he does.  It kinda plays out like a tv show.  People are all about the main character, or favorite characters, and don’t really care about the others.  They could take them or leave them.  Not every side character can get their own show.  You really have to earn it.  For every Frasier, there are two Joey’s.  The same applies for sidekicks.  For every Dick Grayson, there are two Jason Todd’s.  Anyway, with the way I’m working the story, I could conceivably excerpt a couple of pages from the book as a chapter.  It’s all open, which makes it great, and a lot of fun. 

Having an open format like this also makes it easy to maintain the schedule I’ve imposed on myself.  I don’t have to follow a particular arc or storyline, for right now, and can be slightly disjointed as long as I don’t sever the tether.  It’ll be good, trust me. 

What else?  I’ll mention it again, since I’m doing a lot of repeating today, the Charlotte Heroes Con is coming up in a few months.  4 to be exact.  June 4th – 6th.  I have every intention of being there and bringing a parcel of things with me.  If all goes as planned, I’ll have Die and Let Live, or at least enough to promote it, maybe a physical compilation of Unwanted Heroes (with a bonus story not published on the site), and a teaser of 117.  I know it sounds like I’m promising a lot, but I’m not really promising.  Think of it more as a wish list.  I guess the best thing to do at this point is to get back to work. 

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