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As if things couldn’t get any bigger, more guests have been announced for the Charlotte Heroes Con.  This past week they’ve added Mike “Hellboy” Mignola, Ron Garney, and Kevin Maguire.  I’ve been a fan of Mignola since Cosmic Odyssey, one of my favorite stories.  *Geek alert* I’ll never forgive John Stewart (the Green Lantern, not the comedian) for what he did in that storyline.  And Kevin Maguire, I’ve been a fan of his since his Justice League work.  A few more of the previously announced attendees are: Clayton Henry, Ethan Van Sciver, and James O’Barr.  All I can say is: Wow!  Here’s a current list of all attendees:

Ok, I’m going to make this short as I’ve got a lot of things to do right now.  I’m putting together the script for the first issue.  It’s going to be quite interesting.  I can’t talk about it until more of the story is written, but it’s gonna be good.  As for Unwanted Heroes, the ideas just keep coming.  I said awhile back that if I went to the Con I’d have a standalone story just for the Con.  Well, I’m working on it.  “What’re you looking at?  You’re looking at my gut aren’t you? Well I’m working on it!”  As I described recently, I’m trying to do something like What Peter David did with his Hulk novel, What Savage Beast.  It’s a story that’s part of the continuity, but is not needed for the mainstream storyline.  Basically, and added bonus for people that get it, but the regular reader won’t be lost without it.  Anyway, I’m storming up my brain for an idea.  There’s plenty to tap into. 

So, the bottom line is I’m working.  If you didn’t know, Chapter III of Unwanted Heroes has now been posted.  Check it out.  Gotta go now, got a lot of work to do, and time’s running out.     

Oh, and in case you didn’t know – “I’m the Goddamn Batman!” 



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