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It seems like this year is moving so fast.  Some things don’t seem to be moving fast enough.  I’m getting more and more excited about the Heroes Con every day.  Recently announced attendees are Tim Vigil and Steve Epting.  I was first “exposed” to Tim Vigil during the initial run of Faust.  I was fascinated by the sex and violence, but more so by the detail put into the art.  I’ve never seen any artist show a person cut in half with such detail.  I’ve been a fan of Steve Epting for about 15 years, back when he was doing The Avengers.  He’s a guy that has definitely taken his trade to a new level.  His recent Captain America work and painted covers are incredible.  The Heroes Con this year is a Jiffy Pop full of talent. 

I’m taking a break from talking about Unwanted Heroes this week to talk about Revelations 23.  I’ve been fairly quiet about this book until we had gotten further along with the book and had a fairly good idea of the direction it was going.  So, here’s the run down on the book.

Revelations 23 is about a renegade angel named Vaizier who is the son of the angel Gabriel.   Vaizier hates humans and all mankind.  He sees them as being inferior to angels and hates having to serve them.  Vaizier decides to bring about the End of Days early in an attempt to wipeout all of mankind and Heaven on Earth for angels.  Vaizier will stop at nothing to eliminate humans, this includes killing his brother angels and enslaving those he needs.  In his quest to build an army he awakens a sleeper angel, hidden on Earth until Armageddon, named Ariel.  Ariel sets out to stop build his own army to stop Vaizier and save both Heaven and Earth.  Ariel learns that the battle lines aren’t quite as defined as he believes.  Not only has Vaizier recruited fellow angels, but humans and demons with promises of power.  As Ariel tries to build his army he is also tasked with protecting humans from Vaizier’s wrath.     

That’s a quick and dirty synopsis of the book.  There’s a lot more to it, and several aspects that’s it’s hard to explain in a “this is what it’s about” outline.  So, let me say that I hate writing synopsis’s.  I find it incredibly difficult to sum up a story and not make it sound like I’m writing the Second Edition of the Handbook for the Recently Diseased.   I can never make it sound as grand or as exciting as it is.  Everything just sounds dry and boring.  I can say, with some bias, that Revelations 23 is not dry and boring.  I think the concept and story will keep people interested, riveted even.  Trust me, it’s good.  Let me take one more crack at it.  Imagine a globetrotting adventure story with angels fighting angels.  There a search to find God.  The hero must protect human life, and that of his angelic brethren, while forging allegiances with demons and humans to build his army.  It’s like Indiana Jones with angels.  Okay, not really. 

Well, gotta draw things to a close for this week.  I’ve got so much work to do. 

Live fast. Love Hard. Die with your mask on.



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