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Wow!  So, I keep talking about the Heroes Con getting bigger each week, and now we have a wrestler making an appearance on Saturday, June 5th.  Mick Foley, aka Cactus Jack, aka Mankind, will be at the con signing autographs and body slamming people.  Oddly enough, he charges the same price for both.  Weird.  As if that weren’t enough, Jim Cheung, Joe Linsnser and Jim Mahfood are going to be there now.  I’ve been a Jim Cheung fan for quite awhile.  His pencil style is so expressive while at the same time having a detailed simplicity. I find it hard to describe, but I like it.  Joe Linsner…  Cry for Dawn.  That’s all I have to say.  Mahfood, huh?  Mahfood had done a Generation X special, way back when that book existed and had his own book through Oni Press called Grrl Scouts.  Wasn’t initially impressed with the Gen X, but I liked Grrl Scouts and his style.  I look forward to meeting him.  So, I keep talking about all the big famous people that are going to be there, but screw them, just come and see me, then you can go see them.  *sigh* Fine, see them first, but you better come by and see me.  I’ll make you a deal.  At our table we will have a special line holder.  So, when you’re waiting for 30 minutes to get your copy of Danger Girl #1 holo-foil with the lenticular insert signed by J. Scott Campbell, and the guy at the front of the line is debating Abby Chase’s breast size, you can tag our line holder who will hold your place while you come over to our table and check us out.  It’s a win-win for us all. 

In related news, as you should be aware, Chapter VII is now online.  Hope you all enjoyed it.  I’m putting the finishing touches on a collected version of Unwanted Heroes, Chapter I-VII, for the Con to go along with Bury My Mask At Washington SquareBury is very action packed, and has some serious dramatic moments in it.  I don’t want to say you’re missing out by not reading it, but – you’re missing out by not reading it.  Keeping things short for the next few weeks as all the final touches are being placed on things.  I’m starting to get very excited about everything.  Hard to keep it all contained.  If there still wasn’t so much to do, I think I’d burst.  I’ll probably need Oompa Loompas to roll me around at the con. 

What else?  Um… I don’t know.  There’s so much going on around me right now.  I feel like I’m on one of those spinning things at the fair.  I just need to find something to focus on, otherwise I’ll get sick and refund everywhere.  One thing at a time.  Ok, gotta get back to work. 

“Everyone here just calls me Vicky.”



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