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            I’ve run a little behind, and haven’t had the chance to update things the way I wanted.  Between trying to work on this, finish putting the final pages to Pray Predator, getting things together for Aural Surgery *insert shameless plug* (Aural Surgery is a music review site run by myself (J-Rock), Mark “Fender Bender” P., Kevin “K-Mac” McG., and Simon “Simon Sez” G.  Site should be up and running by the weekend. ), and helping with the pilot episode of The Metal Chef (more on that as it develops.  Pilot looking to post online April 1st.) things have been busy.  So, with that said.  I haven’t had a chance to do my about me and all that jazz.  And on that note…  About 2 years ago, give or take, my brother and I did a small printing of our book Riders of the Storm: The Legend of Skull and Talon under our pseudonym j W. matthews.  You should buy a copy.  Really.  Anyway, with promotion being 9/10ths of your sales, things haven’t quite moved the way we wanted.  Then came along *fanfare* The Charlotte Heroes Con.  Applesauce, (for all you Larry Sanders fans out there).  Come June 19th – 21st, I will be at the Heroes Con promoting ROTS: The Legend of Skull and Talon.  Getting things together now for some nice giveaways and plenty of information on the book and the forth coming sequel.  Looking at having a handout of a side story to ROTS that ties into the third book and has never been posted or published.  Don’t hold me to it, but I’m aiming for it.  If it doesn’t work out, I will post it here.  Speaking of which- I’ll also be promoting the site there, too.  Hoping to put together a bound version of The Unknown to hand out with a cool cover.  Somewhere in all this I try to work in some sleep and the paying job. 

            I’m going to tell you right now doing the Con- it’s scary.  You have to prepare yourself for all sorts of things, and understand that you won’t be prepared for anything that’s going to happen.  You have to consider the possibility that you’ll be that one guy sitting at a table with no one interested in what you have to offer.  That kinda thing makes you think twice.  Three times even.  But, you have to push through it.  I’m actually really excited and scared, like Oscar from Armageddon.  “Can you strap me in really tight, I mean, almost to the point of cutting off circulation?”  Now for the “Shadowman under your bed” scary part.  I want like crazy to meet Brian Michael Bendis.  The “It” guy of Marvel now, and the past 4-5 years.  I’ve met him once before, before all this, and he was really cool.  I want to sick down and talk shop with him.  That, to me, would be the equivalent of meeting Michael Crichton, RIP, or Ray Bradbury. 

            So, I have been busy.  I’ve had so much going through my mind, it’s really hard to put everything in order.  Trying to get my brain to work properly right now is like Ultra Magnus trying to open the Matrix.  I’ll post some more info about ROTS in the very near future.  In the meantime, you can check it out on Amazon and read the first 5-6 pages.  Until next time.



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