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Aw man!  I hung out with a friend over the weekend and watched some of Bonnaroo, in between the UFC fight.  Great time.  I don’t know what I have to do to go next year, but I’m going.  We watched Jay Z’s performance, which was similar to his BP III concert.  Even still, I wish I was there.  Kings of Leon sounded incredible live.  The line-up at Bonnaroo is always great.  I was hoping to win tickets at the HeroesCon, but *sigh* no such luck.  Next year.  Next year. 

So, the other day I was thinking about what comic book I’d want to write and make something from it.  For some reason, Marc Silvestri’s CyberForce came to mind.  Well, WildC.A.T.s came to mind first, and as much as I love Jim Lee, that book has had it.  It’s been lifted, redone, and restarted more times than an aging Hollywood actress.  Yes, Sharon Stone, I’m talking about you.  WildC.A.T.s hasn’t seen a good storyline since Alan Moore’s run, which btw, was incredible.  After all, it is Alan Moore.  Peter David (But I Digress).  CyberForce – well, I’m not going to say they have potential, but they could be made to work.  See, the problem you run into when creating a brand new universe is you only have the heroes and villains that you first create.  Most people read comics that have a long established history and years to create and develop heroes and villains.  If you go back and look at the early days, they’re not so great.  So, how do you create a brand new world with new heroes and already have established villains.  Well, unless that’s the basis of your series, you can’t.  If things are just now starting to pop up, then you find yourself running your only villain into the ground very quickly.  What can you do?  “What can you do?”  “Yes, what can you do.”  Not much.  Unless you have an event that suddenly makes more people with powers/abilities, you’re stuck.  Bottom line, don’t do it.  So, what does all this have to do with CyberForce?  Everything.  Much like the Superman movies, they ran the book into the ground with the same tired villains all the time.  You need something more.  You need something in your world that is already built in.  It doesn’t need to be big, just something to open the rest of the world up and keep your characters from becoming static. 

So, what would I do with CyberForce?  Well, first off, I’d remodel them.  All of them.  Make them better, different.  Give them something else to fight.  Nothing makes a hero stronger than having to team up with your enemy after years of fighting and realize that they were kinda the good guy all along.  Now, would I do that, maybe not.  But it gives a new spin and dynamic on things.  My major change would be to Stryker.  Who the fuck needs three arms on one side of their body?  RANT.  I’m so sick of seeing people, creatures with multiple arms without having the pectoral muscles to support them or allow them to move.  You can’t just have arms sprouting out of nowhere.  There’s a systems of muscles that have to support them.  No, those extra arms are out.  I’d redevelop their characters, and try to distant them from appearing so X-Men like.  Not completely do away with their past, but twist it a little.  Give it a new Star Trek approach, or as James always tells me, “Don’t be afraid to blow up Vulcan.”  I think taking them from their world and dumping them in new surroundings would be a good start.  It doesn’t have to be permanent, but it gives them a chance to grow, and for their world to change enough o that when they come back, if they come back, they got new avenues to explore.  Trust me on this, I could make this book a hell of a lot of fun. 

So, until Marc gives me the go ahead, I’ll sit here and think about the greatness they could be.  After that, I think I’d head over to Marvel and put She-Hulk (I love Shulkie) and Ms. Marvel into a book together.  I’d give it the comedic, action coolness of a Christopher Priest Black Panther, while at the same time providing a fair amount of fanboy cheesecake.  Mmmm, cheesecake.  *drool*  What about DC and the others?  I’ll have to think on it. 

“Killian, I’ll be back.” 

“Only in a rerun.”    



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