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Let me say, it’s been a pretty hectic two weeks.  I’ve been able to stay on top of Unwanted Heroes, but unfortunately regular blog posts have fallen behind.  Doesn’t seem like there’s enough time in the day.  I may just cut regular blogging to updates and important stuff.  Oh, and random crazy thoughts.  I always have to post random crazy thoughts. 

So, what have I been working on?  Well on top of keeping Unwanted Heroes up to date, I’ve been putting a lot of mental energy into the second issue of Revelations 23, and a new fantasy comic book called Cadeloria By NightCadeloria By Night is going to be a very interesting and different story.  I’ve been putting a lot of thought and detail into the world and the characters, and have a basic plot outline for the first 4-5 issues.  I’ll be about halfway through the first issue by week’s end.  I’ll post the full script for the first issue once it’s complete. 

Unfortunately, things with Revelations 23 have been delayed a bit.  Just by a week or two.  We’re still looking at the completed book being ready before the end of the month, and will be available at both the Roanoke Valley Comic Con in October, and the Baltimore Comic Con August 28th & 29th.  It looks to be a pretty big con, with a scheduled appearance by Todd McFarlane among many others.  You can check out more info on the Baltimore Con here:  For anyone planning to attend, you can find my partner Antwon (wOlly) and I under Rebel Star Studios, of course.    wOlly will be there both days, selling his art, and giving you the lowdown on Revelations 23.  He’ll probably be hard at work on the second issue at that time. 

You know what, I’m tired and my brain feels deflated.  I actually can’t write anymore and can’t think of anything to say.  See you next week. 

“The mind wobbles.”



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