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Sorry for no post last week, had a lot going on.  As you’ve seen, Chapter 12 of Unwanted Heroes was posted last Monday.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I started writing the first chapter of the second story arc.  I didn’t plan to start working on any of it.  I just had an idea for how I wanted it to start.  The idea turned into dialogue and a narrative.  Next thing you know, I had to write it.  It’s good.  A nice way to start off the new book.  Let me say now, though, the second story will not be posted on the site.  You will have to buy it, but it’ll include the first one, Bury My Mask, and any other UH stories that I write between now and then.  I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. 

So, what else has been going on?  Just working hard.  As a reminder, remember to stop by every once in a while and check out some of the randomness of three geeks.  You never know when you’ll see a movie review, an exposition of classic Star Trek, a comic geek rant, or a review of Japanese masturbatory devices.  Yeah, it’s weird and funny.  We need to get back to doing podcasts.  Those are fun. 

So, bad news.  Revelations 23 isn’t going to be out this month.  I know, I’m just as sad as you guys are.  But, the reason it’s not going to be ready this month is because wOlly is taking his time and trying to make it perfect.  I commend him on that.  If it takes another month, then I’m cool with that.  There’s a lot riding on the first book, a lot of pressure, and we want it to be perfect.  In the meantime, I’m going to start working on book 2.  It’s a little late to talk about it now, but wOlly had an art show in Charlotte, NC this past weekend titled The Lost Art Form of Artistic Artistry.  His work is going to be on display at the Art House until August 20th.   If you live in the area or are passing through, you should definitely check it out. 

While we are on the subject of things being delayed.  Cadeloria By Night is going to be moving a little slower than anticipated.  We’re holding off on the full book while Nick works on some other projects.  We will instead start off with some mini books, of sorts, that will focus on the characters.  The books will be about 5 or 6 pages.  More of an introduction to these people.  The first book will be about Draek, the central character of the series.  I’ll start on this soon as well.  Soon being in the next week or two.  By the way, if you haven’t checked out Nick’s work you can do so here: &

Well, thanks for your time today.  Enjoy the rest of your week, and please, try the fish. 

“It’s like that, now.”



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