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            It’s been awhile since I’ve done any kind of blog or post on the site, and with this being a new year, I figured I should provide some kind of status update. 

            As you’ve seen, Unwanted Heroes is still going strong.  Things are starting to come together, and we’re seeing early plot threads starting to stitch together with existing ones.  There are still some unanswered questions floating around.  I promise, by the end of this, all questions will be answered but two.  The answers for those two won’t come until the second story arc.  We’re getting closer to the climax and the inevitable return of Terror IX.  So, speaking of Terror IX, last year I did a standalone Unwanted Heroes story just for the Charlotte Heroes Con that was not posted on the site.  The story, Bury My Mask At Washington Square, was about the last stand of the Championaires and what caused them to break up.  If you haven’t read it, you aren’t missing out from the regular story, but it will help to understand and fill in some of those unexplained plotlines.  If at the end of the first story arc you find you have more than two unanswered questions, then you probably didn’t read Bury My Mask.  Don’t worry, Bury My Mask will be available at the Heroes Con again this year, as well as the other cons I will be attending.  To keep with the tradition, that I just started last year, there will be another standalone story, for conventions only, this year.  The story is titled: Terror IX From Outer SpaceTerror IX will tell the story of how the heroes stopped the Cycksiks during their first invasion attempt.  You definitely will not want to miss this one.  I’ll also have collected versions of the story up to that point – which, if things hold out will be to chapter 35, or so.  That’s three more collected versions.  The first one, chapters 1-8, will be on sale as well. 

            What else?  Geez, greedy much?  Well what do you think of this? 


            Wolly and I have been working on a new book entitled Fairytale Knights.  We recently completed the 8 page preview for the book and Wolly is working on the art for the first issue of the five part series.  We’re starting out with a limited series, and will move to an on-going book after that.  FTK is the story of Milia, a knight for the Order of the Red Hood, and her partner/familiar Patrick the wolf.  Milia and Patrick live in the World of Imagine, where all fairytale characters live.  A force from the real world is out to destroy the realm.  Milia and Patrick are trying to protect the realm, but when the truth comes out, they realize that things in the Land of Imagine aren’t what they seem.  I’ll keep you updated with more pictures as we go along. 

            So, what happened to Revelations 23?  Well, it’s still around.  We’re working on both books at one time, with Wolly doing the art on both.  We are aiming for the first issues of R23 and FTK to both be ready to debut at the Heroes Con. 

            I might have another project or two up my sleeves as well that I’m keeping under wraps for now. 

            Lastly, with the help of a good friend, I was able to recover some of my older stories from years ago.  I’ll post a few of them on the site after they’ve been touched up.  Two of them being old Star Trek: DS9 fan fictions involving my favorite character, Chief Miles O’Brien. 

            Anyway… more on future projects as they develop.  Unwanted Heroes Chapter XXVI next week, and whatever else I can think of as I think of it. 

“He’s like Batman but he can fly… underwater.”

Jerale Clebourne


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