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I don’t know?  Do I even sleep anymore?  “To die.  To sleep.  To sleep perchance to dream.”  Well, I know that I’m not dreaming ‘cause my spinning top keeps falling over. 

Where was I?  Oh yeah… 

So, I haven’t posted in awhile.   Sorry.  I’ve had so many things going on at one time; it feels like I’m trying to travel to the moon by slingshot.  But, I have found a way, after a long period of time, to make some headway.  With the Charlotte Heroes Con quickly approaching, June 3rd through the 5th, I’ve been busting my brain to get some stories cranked out.  Unfortunately, time has a way of catching up on you like Jason Voorhees in a dense forest.  You think you have a sizable lead and can stay ahead of it because it’s moving so slow, then – BAM!  You’re out of time.  Well, I fell for time’s trick again, this time with a more serious ramification. 

There will be no stand alone Unwanted Heroes story for the con.  Yes, Terror IX From Outer Space will not be finished in time.  “Oh no!”  “I know.”  And, as it’s looking right now, *sigh* the collected volumes, II &III, won’t be printed in time.  So, with all the stuff that’s not getting done, and a chapter that’s two weeks over due, what have I been doing?  Trying to push them all to make the deadline.  There has to come a time when you need to abandon one project or risk them all falling behind.  Yeah, I didn’t recognize that time when the alarm went off.  Well, to try and make up, of sorts, here’s what I do have –

Unwanted Heroes chapter XXX will go online Friday night.  Not only that, but it’s a double sized chapter.  We’re talking 11-12 pages.  This chapter carries us into the next stage and begins the conclusion of our first story arc.  It’s good.  Some people finally get what’s coming to them. 

In addition to that, I’ve officially finished the script to Fairy Tale Knights book 2, and Wolly has started the preliminary breakdowns for it.  We’re shooting to have all five issues done and printed before the end of this year.  After that, we are going to take a small break and come back to it with issue 6 and see the world after the events in issue 5.  It’s going to be good.  So, speaking about Fairy Tale Knights, issue one is being printed now, and will be on sale at the Heroes Con. 

I encourage everyone to come and check it out.  The talent pool keeps growing with amazing guests.  Some of the people set to attend are:

            Neal Adams

            Ethan Van Sciver

            John Arcudi

            Geoff Darrow

            Tommy Lee Edwards

            Matt Fraction

            Jackson Guice

            Ed McGuiness

            Kevin Nowlan

            Tim Sales, and so many others. 


This is going to be an amazing year with an incredible turn out. 

So, I hope this helps to explain everything, and assuage the anger for falling behind.  As a reminder, Friday, chapter XXX.  Not to be missed. 


“With insomnia nothing’s real.  Everything’s a copy, of a copy, of a copy.”




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