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             Before you ask, yes this is another Quantum Leap reference.  Let me preface.  I’m a child of pop culture.  Imagine Quentin Tarantino minus a pot of coffee and slightly more obscure, and you’ve got me.  Anyone who’s ever talked to me in a general conversation will tell you that some of the most random things are know to fly out of my mouth (conversation wise).  This isn’t a conscious thing, it just happens.  Something someone says will trigger an automatic response.  Usually this comes in the form of a quote from a movie.  I fully understand that even my friends only catch about 75%, at best, of what I say, and like everyone else, they just nod and smile at the rest.  So, how does Dr. Sam Beckett work into all this?  Well, my mind works like his string theory.   Being that if my thought pattern is a piece of string, and you take it and ball it up, all the intersecting areas are in some way relative to the overall message.  Whether this is simple conversation, or a story I’m writing.  This is how the randomness just pops in out of the blue.  My head is all cross town traffic and cloverleaf interchanges.  Cue Coldplay’s Twisted Logic

            I honestly can’t help it.  It’s not something I even try to do.  I often describe myself as: “a fountain of useless information.”  If it makes no sense and has no bearing on anything, then it’s trapped in my noggin.  I almost tossed in a Demolition Man “Be well.” into a work e-mail last week.  Now that’s “nuckin’ futs.”  I think part of it is because I use these references to help relate people to what I’m talking about.  I use them as the easiest way to illustrate my point.  Unfortunately, it’s gotten to the point where I’m not always clear.  But, it’s all relative.  I can have a conversation with K-Mac and toss in a Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown reference, and he immediately knows what I’m talking about.   “Hey, you going to a slumber party, or something?”  Inside joke.  If he ever read this, he’d bust out laughing, honest.  It’s true, my friends don’t read my posts.  ‘cept you, Jadie.  “Now I feel sad.  Sad llama.” 

            So, why not change it?  Cause I don’t want to.  It’s okay that nobody gets every little thing that I say.  I’m not trying to take the Necronomicon off the altar, I’m just having a casual conversation.  It’s not like I’m delivery a speech to the president, and start spouting lines from Boogie Nights.  “I’m a superstar!  I’m a superstar!” 

            Sometimes I just make stuff up on the fly.  At those times, it can be hard to keep up with me. 

            I know this wasn’t as helpful as I said it might be, but it’s kinda hard to follow my own mental bread crumbs into my subconscious.  I see you nodding with a smile.  It’s okay. 


Jerale C



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  1. Nuckin Futs is a spoonerism, just so you know 😉 There’s a reason we’re friends.
    Ask me sometime how I got from Mikey saying something about Freebird to remembering that Eric had mentioned him in a podcast.

    Comment by Jadielady — April 8, 2009 @ 6:19 pm

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