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Ok, it’s been a awhile.  First off, apologies to everyone that’s been following Unwanted Heroes and any of my other writing endeavors.  Saying things got in the way is an understatement, and no excuse.  I never intended for things to get drawn out this much or for this long.  My plan all along was to wrap up the first story arc by Christmas of 2011, take several months off to work on other things – Geez, there are so many that demand my attention – and then come back to Unwanted Heroes in the fall.  Well, needless to say, as I say it, that didn’t quite happen.  So I’m back now, and it’s back too…almost.  Chapter 37 is complete and chapter 38 will be following shortly.  With this, we get back to our bi-weekly schedule.  Expect chapter 37 to be posted on Friday, with 38 coming on Monday.  Again, sorry for the delay, but hey, at least it’s coming out faster than Image United #4. 

So, where does this leave us?  Not sure.  Well, there are bigger plans for Unwanted Heroes, and what’s been posted here is glossy rough draft.  Not polished, but not tarnished either.  I will be making some changes and doing some clean up to it all once it’s completed.  More on that as it develops. 

I’ll also talk a little more about Fairytale Knights, and another project called the Unturned; as those progress. 

As things are looking right now, I will not be making a trip to Charlotte this year.  This is a tentative decision which may change as my work develops, but as of now, if I do go it will be as a guest.  But, I digress…


Back to Unwanted Heroes, expect major changes as the first story arc draws to a close.  Hints, clues, and allegations of things to come have been sprinkled along like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs… Hansel?  Hansel?… throughout the entire book.  No one will be left unaffected by what is about to transpire.  Heroes will die, and truths will be revealed. 

The countdown to the end starts Friday. 






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