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            I guess you may have noticed this by some of my writings.  I haven’t written a story from beginning to end in years.  Even when I have an outline I still write out of order.  Many times I’ll have a segment of the story, too far from the beginning and not quite the middle, that’s forming in my head.  As I write that, I’ll start getting a clearer picture of another part of the story, that isn’t directly related to what’s currently being written.  It bounces back and forth like that until the story is done.  As disjointed as it sounds, something interesting comes from it.  Little elements will start to tie in to other points as it goes along.  Something that I don’t think would happen if you wrote straight through.  A trail of consciousness that carries over like a stitch.  I guess you could think of it as a quilt.  A square of this tied to a square of that.  It doesn’t look like much individually, but together you’ve got a work of art. 

            I’m sure I’m not the only person that works like this.  Take for example Christopher Priest.  I mentioned him hawhile back.  He wrote Black Panther for Marvel, and a book called Quantum and Woody for Acclaim.  These books were great, and the Black Panther was the epitome of non-linear.  The entire run was told as a present day flashback.  I know, it sounds hweird (“c’mon that one doesn’t even have an ‘h’ in it!”-Yes, I’m stealing a Family Guy bit, cause it’s funny.).  The story consisted of the Black Panther’s government liaison telling his boss what had happened.  Just about every issued had the boss asking: “So, that’s when blank happened?”  To which he would reply: “No.  That didn’t happen until blank did blank.”, referencing another event that had yet to be told.  It was great, and incredibly funny.  One of the best things about it was that it didn’t flow in just one direction.  It would move backwards, and forwards, and occasionally sideways, without losing the reader.  You’re being told current events by way of flashbacks, without knowing how long ago the events took place for the person telling it.  You have no idea of the true end result, or how soon everything will catch up.  I loved it. 

            Back to me.  Nevermind Over Matter was written in 3 stages.  I had written the beginning, the middle and the end separately.  I had actually written the end before I had the beginning.  It just came to me that way.  Then I went and bridged the pieces together.  It’s freaky, but it happens.  Writing these blogs are pretty much the only thing I do in order.  I try and treat them as a free flowing stream of consciousness.  Cue opening line from Prince’s 1999.  

            Random thought.  What do you think would happen if Benjamin Button had the brain thing like the guy from Memento?  I think I smell a comedy starring Seth Rogen.   


Jerale C


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