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            Okay, so I’ve been saying for the past 4 months or so, probably more like 6, that I’m going to finish Prey Predator.  The beginning and end have been written, but I’m still working on the middle.  Honestly.  Look I’ll give you the last line right now.  “The end.”  See?  Yeah, I’m a jerk, I know.  Anyhow- The problem is, I don’t know exactly how I want to say what I want to say.  I know the entire story.  I’ve written the majority of it, but this last little bit just hasn’t gone full Technicolor yet.  It’s still kinda monochrome, or more of like a color by colorization.  Not to mention everything else that has been going on trying to get ready for the Con.  It’s hard to keep everything in focus.  Then I got this idea for a bi-weekly story that I’m hoping to post here regularly.  Don’t worry, I plan to have at least two chapters ready before I post the first one.  So, just in case I fall behind it won’t break the flow.  Plus, I’m planning every two weeks cause I know every week isn’t an option. 

            My ongoing story is called Unwanted Heroes, with the first chapter tentatively titled: Sometimes Things Aren’t Okay.   And, no, everything with me is not tentative.  I’m trying to finalize my characters now, but the list keeps on growing.  The other problem is, I know what I want to say, but I don’t know what I want to say.  It’s coming along as the puzzle pieces shift into place.  First things first, I need to clean up Murphy’s Run.  Yeah, I know, promises promises. 

            The question is, “What’s taking so long?”  Well, simply put, a serious lack of time.  Oh yeah, and sleep.  I need to get my Toynbee Convector working.  Look it up, it’s worth it.  And while we’re on the subject…

            Ray Bradbury.  One of my all time favorite writers.  Most describe his style as “Soft Science Fiction” because his future worlds and writing style is simple in nature.  His stories, which can be quite harsh at times, are honest and genuine.  My first experience was with the story There Will Come Soft Rains.  A sad, but beautiful story about an automated house after a nuclear war.  I’m keeping vague cause you need to read it for yourself.  Then came the books, The Illustrated Man, Martian Chronicles, R is For Rocket, and S is For Space.  His characters and settings are so real and alive that you are drawn in without even realizing it.  One of his most ambiguously known stories being A Sound of Thunder, a story based on the Butterfly Effect.  Trust me, if you haven’t read it, you know of it. 

            I love Bradbury’s style and the way he presents the future as a technologically advanced today.  A version of the future that I find truer than others.  Hell, I’m still waiting for my rocket pack and submersible car.  Do you know how fast I could get to work with a rocket pack?  The more hard science and distant futures stories are great, but Bradbury’s seem more realistic.  If you look at the advances in the world over the past 50 years, we’re still no closer to living on the moon then we were back when we thought it was made of green cheese.  BTW, what idiot actually thought that?  Moron.  He was probably also wondering how storks got the babies out of the cabbage patches. 

            Anyway, if you haven’t read Bradbury, start with The Illustrated Man or Martian Chronicles.  If you need some suggested stories, drop me a line and I’ll give you some good ones. 


Jerale C


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