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            Still trying to get things ready for the Con.  We’re just a little over a month away, and it seems like time is ticking by so fast.  I swear just two months ago I still had three months to go.  Well, the good news is, I’ve got a good bit of stuff ready.  I have lanyards with the Riders of the Storm title and logo that I’ll be giving away to whomever stops by the booth.  There will be ROTS drawstring backpacks for sale as well.  The packs will go for about $5.00.  The packs are great for the Con.  They have a small handle at the top and are big enough to hold comic art.  They’re also water resistant.  Take that Billy Mays! 

            ROTS is now in its 2nd printing.  The new printing has a new title font and a black cover. The 2nd printing also includes the story Prelude to Exile.  For those of you that aren’t overly familiar with the ROTS storyline, Prelude to Exile is a story that revolves around Firestorm and Ace, and takes place several months after the end of the first book.  As of right now, I don’t have any plans to publish this story anywhere else, not even in the ROTS book about Firestorm and Ace.  I’ve occasionally tossed around ideas of a book of short stories that take place in the ROTS universe (and here’s that word again) tentatively titled Tales of Neutra America.  If so, I’ve considered putting Prelude in there.  But, that’s a ways off.  The book schedule as it stands, now, is: Rots: The Legend of Skull and Talon, ROTS: Death of a Rider (2nd Skull and Talon book), ROTS: Of Kings and Queens and Fools- The Story of Firestorm and Ace (yeah, I know, long title.  It makes sense once you learn of the characters.), then there is ROTS: Ash and Freeze (no subtitle for that one yet), and then maybe Tales of Neutra America.  Anyway, I’m getting off topic… 

            I’m still working on a special edition version of The Unknown for the Con.  My original plan was going to cost me more than I wanted, which would raise the price for the book itself.  Wasn’t happy with that.  I can’t realistically ask someone to pay some ridiculous price for a story that they can get online for free; even with some cool added extras.  So, I’m being forced to go with my back up plan, which, incidentally, was my first plan before I got the really cool idea.  I may still do a limited printing of it as I envisioned it in all its coolness, but I’m not sure.  I have so many things up in the air right now, I can’t tell what’s rising and what’s falling.  I just keep my hands moving and hope that nothing hits the ground. 

            In the words of the famous Rocket J. Squirrel: “Now here’s something we hope you’ll really like.” 

            Mathew and Will are coming to the Con and will be at the booth.  Matthew and Will are the co-creators of the ROTS world, and are responsible with creating Fireball and Talon (respectively).  This will be one of those rare occasions, at least for the time being, that we will all be together at one time and you’ll get a book signed by all of us.  This is a momentous occasion, as we haven’t all been in the same room together in over 10 years.  If nothing else you’ll have to come by and watch the three of us in action.  It’s a good thing they don’t sell alcohol at this thing.


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  1. I hope we go and can stop by and hang out. If nothing else I have quite a bit of experience as being “Booth watcher while everyone goes to pee” or whatever.

    Comment by Jadielady — May 13, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

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