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            My name is Jerale C.  I’ve been writing off and on for about 15 years.  I say off and on because it hasn’t been continuous.  Unfortunately, I can go weeks without writing something.  I need an audience to write for.  If I know that someone is going to read what I’ve written I can crank out stories like a factory.  Without that, though, I become mentally lethargic and lose my motivation.  This is where, hopefully, Minds Eye Chronicles comes in.  A forum for me to post and build an audience, and for me to get these ideas out of my head, and where they need to be. 

            Several years ago, my best friend and writing partner, wrote the novel Riders of the Storm: The Legend of Skull and Talon under the pseudonym j W. matthews.  The two of us are currently working on the follow up book Skull and Talon: Death of a Rider, an ROTS novel.  Not sure if that’s going to be the official title, yet.  We’ve got a few other books in the planning stages as well. 

            On my own, I’ve written 2 screenplays, Chains and Blood Brothers.  Both of which are currently under the rewrite knife.  I plan to post them here once they’ve been appropriately tweaked.  I’ve got a few others I’m in the outlining stages of, but those stay under my tin foil hat for now.  I’ve written numerous comics, most of which took place in burgeoning superhero world of my own creation.  The bulk of these stories were mostly flash and bang, and short on strong plot and growth.  Some of the characters I may take out of that world and put in a place of their own.  Still not quite sure as I don’t want to rip them from where they currently are.  Others, like Saxon Carter: PI, Immortals, and my John Woo style cop series Indestructible, I’m expanding upon. 

            Then we have the short stories I’ve been writing over the past decade and a half.  Many of these stories need to be dusted off and given a fresh coat of polish.  In other words, more rewrites.  As they are brought up to snuff I’ll post them.  One of the first will more than likely be Murphy’s Run.  This started out as a fun little sci-fi story, and I just started tossing in all these references to other sci-fi movies and books that it became a huge homage for the genre I love.  I challenge anyone to name all the references in it. 

            I’m not an expert in writing, and if my blogs come out that way, it’s not my intent.  I’m just trying to express what drives me and how I approach writing.  There’s still so much to learn and ways to challenge yourself.  I just try and tell a story the best way I can.  I want to elicit the same feeling in others that my favorite writers have in me. 


            Feel free to send me an e-mail.  Tell me what you like, or what you don’t.  If you like what you read, pass it along.


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  1. Enjoyed your exhibit! Good luck with your screenplays! I hope to see them on the big screen one day! : )


    Comment by Annette Spurling — June 24, 2009 @ 9:06 am

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